Thursday, April 03, 2008

People suck

Yesterday my mom went to her car for the first time in two weeks. (She was out of town for nearly a week, then too sick to drive for the past week.) As soon as she opened the door, she noticed things out of place. At first, she thought that, in her hurry and grief in preparing to leave for her mother-in-law's funeral, she had left things in disarray.
As she investigated further, she realized that her car had been burglarized (though there were no signs of forced entry). Among the items stolen were a carousel of photo slides of my mom and her sisters as children and, worst of all, her husband's ashes.
My stepdad passed away March 31, 2007 ( and was cremated. Since that time, my mom has kept his ashes in a carved and engraved wooden box. She doesn't like the idea of "leaving him at home alone," so when she drives cross-country, she takes "him" with her. Apparently she had left his ashes under the driver's seat of her car during her absence, and the thieves took them.
I feel so bad for her and so angry at the idiots who did this. Jim's ashes (& those photos) are of no value to anyone else, but they were irreplaceable for Mom.
I hope those rat bastards get theirs. . . . .


JessiferSeabs said...

that is horrifying. I am so sad for your mom. It always seems to work out that the most valuable things that are stolen are the ones that will probably get tossed in the garbage by the theives. How horrible.

Land family said...

OMG may whomever did that rot in hell. I would be upset if someone took my pet's ashes..let alone a spouse. I am so sorry for your mother. It's going out on a limb here, but why not post something on Craig's List about it under Lost & Found if you can think of a "safe" place for a theif to return something. I'm so sorry.