Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Consequences and Repurcussions

207.0 (yikes)

The scale is up today, likely because MM and I had dinner at Applebee's after the gym, and I didn't make the healthiest choice--plus I had a Buster Bar from DQ, too, after dinner. My poor food choices were bound to eventually catch up to me. As I said to J on the phone yesterday: it's hard to make much progress going to the gym while I continue to eat crap.

Mom will be leaving early next week. Once she goes, I plan to go back and do another week of South Beach phase one to get back on track. I need to give myself a good swift kick in the keister when it comes to my eating!

Mom is slowly recovering. She has been really sick ever since returning from Ohio; many of her symptoms were similar to the ones I had with my last illness, but hers have been much more severe, poor lamb.

MM and I are headed to Tucson after work on Friday: we are attending a wedding there on Saturday night. MM mentioned yesterday that it was very inconsiderate of the bride to schedule her wedding during the Final Four. LOL I don't think either the bride or groom is a college hoops fan, so she probably didn't even think of it.

When we return Sunday evening, we (and Mom) are going to dinner at MM's parents' house. That should be fun.

I was proud of myself today: I can be a horrible procrastinator, and this morning I finally took care of two annoying insurance matters that I'd been putting off literally for months. Neither task took nearly as long to complete as I'd feared, as with most things I put off.

Now that Mom is leaving soon, the time when MM will be moving in with me is getting closer. (Also, MM's house is officially on the market as of April 1st.). Knowing that MM will be living with me soon--and knowing how much neater he is than I--gives me a push to get back on top of decluttering. MM would be appalled if he looked in the two storage closets in my apartment. Heck, he is appalled by how cluttered my living areas are. . . which are neat and organized compared to the closets. I also still have my wedding dress from my aborted wedding to SL and other various and assorted wedding items that I really need to get rid of.

I'm going to have to start tackling that a little bit at a time, maybe 15 minutes a day or something. I hope that MM's good habits will rub off on me once we're living together, but I still need to sort through a lot of junk first.

Time to once again make an effort to overcome my (seemingly) innate laziness. . .


JessiferSeabs said...

Check out it's completely unrealistic and ridiculous, but does offer some good tips on how to stay on top of cleaning. The two things I took from it:
1) spend 15 minutes each morning decluttering ONE place in your house where crap piles up
2) get on a schedule so you're never stuck having to clean the whole house in one day (ie, kitchen on Mondays, bathroom on Tuesday, etc).

Kristi Marie said...

MM and The Radio Guy can commiserate tomorrow night about the Final Four :)