Monday, April 28, 2008


206.2 (what the?!)

My toe is much better today: almost all the swelling is gone, though it remains very bruised, and I can walk normally on it, so long as I wear an open-toed shoe that doesn't put any pressure on the top of the toe. (I'm actually wearing some very cute, strappy Steven Madden sandals with a small heel, and they feel fine.) In retrospect, I don't think I broke it; I probably just jammed it. It is still bruised all the way to my foot and painful to touch.

Not sure why the scale is up this morning. I didn't eat great yesterday, but I didn't overeat particularly. Hmmm.

I finally dragged my a$$ to the office yesterday afternoon after saying goodbye to MM. It's amazing how much I can accomplish in just a few hours there on a weekend. My desk is cleared off, I'm organized for the week, the things I had due today are ready to go out. It's really nice to start the week this way! I would still say that I am behind, simply because I have so much to do in the next two weeks, but I'm definitely ahead of where I was when I left the office on Friday afternoon.

MM and I had a fun and relaxing weekend together. At his request, I'd planned nothing social for us to do: he wanted to hang out with only me and have no timetable. Friday night I stayed out at his place; we just went to dinner (Italian), then back to his place to watch a DVD (Lions for Lambs). Saturday evening he came to my neck of the woods, and we went to dinner (California Pizza Kitchen), then to the movies to see Baby Mama. He spent the night at my place. On Sunday morning, we took Sebastian to the dog park for about a half hour (that was enough to wear him out), then had lunch in Tempe (deli) and went shopping and saw one more movie (Forgetting Sarah Marshall).

Much as I enjoy seeing my friends, it was nice to be with MM, just the two of us. Aside from the two weekends we've gone out of town together, I think this past weekend was the most time we've spent together on a weekend: we usually see each other Friday OR Saturday, not both. We spent both nights together at MM's suggestion. Because we will be moving in together in the near future, I think he is trying to accustom himself to having less "alone time" on the weekends. It's not that he doesn't want to be with *me*; it's more that he's just used to being on his own for significant chunks of time.

If my toe is recovered enough to put on lace-up shoes tomorrow, we will go to the gym & to dinner, as usual. Not sure what I'm going to do if my toe is not ready for closed shoes. . . .

MM has had his house on the market for a little over three weeks now. Last week, his realtor called to tell him that an investor from California who already owns one townhome in his community is thinking of investing in a second and was inquiring about MM's place. Coincidentally (or not), this person owns the home right next to MM's. Aside from that person's interest, no one else has even looked at the place. We know that the market is not great, but MM is actually a little frustrated with his realtor right now because he feels (rightly so, IMHO) that he should be doing more to get the place sold: have an open house or something. MM did tell the realtor that he is not in a huge hurry to sell, but that didn't mean that he wants the house to just sit and not even be shown.

MM's place is nearly three years old, but it looks brand-new inside because he is an extremely neat person, and he's the only one who's ever lived there. In addition to its being in perfect condition, it has many upgrades (window shutters, cabinets, fans, a landscaped backyard) that the other homes in his community do not. So we feel certain that if prospective buyers saw it and compared it to the other homes available in his area, it would definitely be deemed superior. And he has priced it very realistically for the current market.

Although we have looked around a little already, MM and I can't start home-shopping in earnest for a place together until his place sells because the equity he has in his home will be our down payment. . . . plus we will qualify for a higher mortgage if he no longer owns his current home. We don't want to end up paying two mortgages. We also want to live together for 30-60 days at my apartment before we buy--just to be sure that everything goes smoothly--so that pushes the date for a joint home purchase even farther out. I am fine with the current timeline, but if it gets to be August and his place still hasn't sold, that will start to get a little uncomfortable: my lease ends here on November 30th, and I have no intention of extending my time here past that date. Ideally, we would like to buy a home together no later than October, to give us time to move in at a leisurely pace before my current lease expires. We'd definitely like to be moved in to a house we bought together by early-to-mid November.

Well, we shall see. It's not even May 1st until Thursday, so it's too soon to worry yet.

My dad and stepmom are coming to visit this weekend; they arrive on Friday afternoon. I'm looking forward to seeing them.


Valerie said...

Maybe the extra weight is from the swelling in your toe...? ;)