Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Another mundane post


I had a hella long day today: one deposition in the morning (which blessedly lasted only a little over an hour) and another deposition, on another case, in the afternoon. In between I dealt with my inbox & voicemail and finished drafting motions in limine and proposed voir dire and jury instructions for a trial next month (due tomorrow). I still have some loose ends to tie up tomorrow, as well as the usual writing assignments (motions, disclosure statements, and the like) that I've had to put on the back burner the last couple of days. Ah, the life of a civil litigator.

MM and I went to the gym (per our usual Tuesday routine), then to dinner. He came over for a little while to watch the Diamondbacks game and to get keys to my place so he can let Sebastian our for me tomorrow evening: I plan to work late and go straight from work to north Scottsdale to play Bunco. From my office, it's almost an hour's drive in late rush hour traffic to my friend A's house, where we are meeting to go to Bunco together. If I had to go home and tend to Sebastian, that would add 45-50 minutes to my drive time, whereas it will only take MM minutes out his way to stop on his way home from work and tend to the boy for me.

I must say that MM is doing much better around Sebastian allergy-wise. He only sneezed twice in over an hour at my house, and that was even with petting Sebastian. He had no watery/itchy eyes and very little congestion. Hooray!

I had high hopes for writing an interesting post today. During my afternoon deposition, I even had some good ideas for topics. . . . but I couldn't jot them down at that moment, and by the time we once again reached a portion of the testimony to which I could give less than 100% attention, I'd forgotten about them. Now I am brain dead and at a complete loss to write about anything except the events of my run-of-the-mill day. [sigh]

Next time I come up with something good to write about, I'm going to send myself a quick email on my BlackBerry to preserve the thought before it dies a slow death from neglect as today's did. . . .

As always, I've got some fun stuff coming up that I can look forward to: MM and I are going to a BBQ on Sunday hosted by some friends of mine from my PCAO days. They are expecting their second daughter in a little over 20 months on April 18; SL and I went to their wedding, and this will be their first time meeting MM. Next weekend, I've promised V that MM and I will go with her and her new beau to the Titanic Artifact Exhibition at the Arizona Science Center--MM and I have been wanting to go see that for a while. My friend J and his girlfriend A are supposed to be hosting their own cookout on April 26. And my dad & stepmom are coming to visit the first weekend of May.

I realized something weird today: I spent my dad's birthday (March 15) with my mom, and I am going to spend my mom's birthday (May 2) with my dad. Both were completely unintentional. Too funny.

A little photo from my own birthday celebration:

P.S. After re-reading my "Wedding" post below, I realized that I totally omitted one interesting part of the wedding reception. (After you read this, decide for yourself whether this was an innocent omission on my part. . . . )
MM and I were just about to leave the reception--we had said our goodbyes to my friends at our table and to the bride--when we met the groom on the way out and he told us we couldn't leave because L was about to toss the bouquet. As usual, there was a dearth of single women in attendance, so we couldn't possibly leave before the bouquet toss.
I was in the middle of a few single friends, with a line of girls under 12 in front of my. Bride L turned her back and threw the bouquet literally right into me--it hit me directly "in the numbers," as E's boyfriend said. I stood there shocked, watched it fall to the floor, then sheepishly picked it up off the floor. L hugged me, and the whole thing was caught on videotape and in photos.
Good times. . . . .

P.P.S. We also stayed for the garter toss, which was right after the bouquet toss. The garter was headed straight for MM. . . . but a 6-foot-plus guy with long arms jumped up and grabbed it. LOL


Land family said...

Hopefully MM will find that his allergies kind of adjust over time. I have 3 cats but am allergic to cat dander. If I leave them for a few days and come back, all hell breaks loose. But if I keep a steady supply up my nose, I seem to built up some resistance to them and don't even require medication.

LOL about you making notes during work about ideas to write about later. Ha.

The two that caught the bouquet/
garter at my wedding were the next 2 weddings we went to. :)