Saturday, April 26, 2008

Ow, my toe

(didn't weigh this morning--at MM's)

So I think I actually did break my toe. It still hurts like hell, and though the swelling is down some today, it still looks pretty nasty. Here's a photo:

Please excuse the look of the un-pedicured foot. (I *was* going to get a pedicure yesterday, but that was out the window after this injury!) And the wrinkly skin on the injured toe and the toe adjacent to it is caused by the stretchy tape I'm using to hold them together for stabilization, not from the injury itself.

Because there is still so much swelling over the joint closest to the nail, it's hard for me to tell whether my toe is bent/deformed or just swollen. It hurts a little bit all the time and hurts more if I move it or (God forbid) touch the top of the toe on something.

Physically this has just not been my year so far! Since January 1st, I've had three head colds, bronchitis, a stomach virus, and now a (probably) broken toe. I hesitate to ask what else can go wrong. . . . .


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That looks and sounds horribly painful. I hope you heal quickly.