Sunday, April 13, 2008

Feeding my addiction

(didn't weigh)

Yeah, so the whole "giving up caffeine" thing? I made it through all of Saturday, but woke up today with a headache that grew worse over the course of the day despite mega-doses of ibuprofen, two doses of Imitrex, and an hour-long nap in the afternoon. By the time MM came to pick me up at 2:30 for my friends' cookout, I was miserable and in horrible pain.

MM has thought the idea of my giving up coffee was dumb since I first told him about it yesterday morning because he doesn't believe that caffeine dependence is the cause of my fatigue. (Not that he offered any suggestions to what the actual cause might be; he just noted that I only drink coffee once a day in the mornings, so he wouldn't consider that "dependence.") Of course, his first suggestion was that we get to Starbucks STAT and get me a caffe mocha. I didn't want to miss the cookout, and I didn't want to be poor company, so I agreed. (My one small concession to my attempt to quit was that I got only a single shot--as opposed to my usual double shot--of espresso.)

Within 45 minutes of downing the caffe mocha, my headache had subsided to a tolerable pain level; by the time 90 minutes had passed (& I'd downed about a liter of water), my headache was totally gone. As I type this, I can feel a hint of headache flickering in the background, but am otherwise back to normal.

To me, this occurrence just cements my belief that I am addicted to caffeine. If I weren't addicted, why would taking it away cause me to get a headache?

Aside from the headache, overall today was a good day. (I didn't go in to work at all, but ah well. All my work will be waiting for me in the morning. LOL) I came home early from MM's to go to a new Catholic church I had not previously visited; MM's friends G & S attend there regularly, so they met me there to show me the ropes. G & S invited me to join them for brunch after church, too. MM and I had a good time at the cookout, despite the fact that I knew only a handful of the other guests, and he knew none of them. And we drove around a couple of our preferred neighborhoods to see if any houses had been recently listed for sale.

I plan on just taking it easy the rest of the evening. Nose to the grindstone again tomorrow.


JessiferSeabs said...

You know, it's not actually very SAFE to just go cold turkey on the caffeine -- I've even heard it suggested that you talk to your doctor before quitting. It really IS an addiction (for some, anyway).

Another suggestion is to start brewing your coffee with 50/50 regular and decaf and slowly cut back...

And in a pinch, excedrine has caffeine in it. ;-)