Friday, April 25, 2008



I am satisfied with my weight above, considering I ended up having pizza for dinner and skipping the gym.

I was at my desk yesterday at around 5:20, happily typing away on one of the many writing assignments I'm currently completing, when I got a call from my friend KH's husband asking if I could babysit for them ASAP. Seems KH, who is about 4 months pregnant, had gone to the ER with vaginal bleeding, and they weren't sure when they would be home.

So rather than do my usual Thursday night thing with MM, I headed home to let Sebastian out, then over to the Hs' for babysitting. I ended up being over there until 10:15. KH was admitted to the hospital for overnight observation, and her husband came home once she was admitted and settled in her room to take over baby duty.

MM was really sweet: he still went to the gym (of course), but came over with a pizza afterwards because he knew I hadn't had dinner. He interacted some with the baby and was proud of himself. LOL (His contact with babies has been extremely limited.)

After getting home last night, I caught my left fourth toe on the corner of the bed frame. It hurt like hell. I think it might be broken; at a minimum, it is badly bruised or sprained. Today it is swollen to about 50% larger than usual and purple.

I've avoided putting on shoes yet today because of the pain in my toe. I've now taped it to the adjacent toe for support, and that helps a little, but it still hurts. . . . a little bit all the time, and even more when I walk on it.

I've been working from home this morning because of my toe (& because I can), but now I need to go in to the office to accomplish a few tasks that require my presence, i.e., signing letters.

Even though I'll be working several hours tomorrow, I'm glad it's Friday.

Aside from last night's pizza, my eating has actually been pretty good since I've recovered from my stomach bug. I'm still not eating enough fruits & veggies--one of several reasons I was sad to miss out on Sweet Tomatoes last night--but I'm making an effort again.