Wednesday, April 16, 2008

MM update

In re-reading my most recent posts, I realized that I never updated about my concerns about the "inconsistencies" in my relationship with MM. Nope, instead I went right on to post about how I've decided to go off the pill. God, anyone who reads this must think I'm a head case.

Anyway, for the sake of completeness, MM and I talked more about my feelings on the subject over the weekend, when we could actually talk face-to-face and be relaxed. Now that his dog allergy is much improved with Flonase, he is going to start coming over to my place more and even staying the night sometimes. (He came over for an hour and a half last night after the gym/dinner, which is not something he has been doing previously.) And regardless of what happens with the sale of his place, he is going to move in with me at the beginning of July. Apparently our living together by early July had been his intention for some time, but he hadn't explicitly communicated it to me, so I'd been thinking that it could be fall before we moved on to that phase.

MM jokingly refers to our living together as "our experiment." I know that he still has some anxiety about how he will deal with that transition--cohabiting is something he hasn't done since just after college--but I also know that he loves me and, as he has often told me, his life is better with me in it than without me, in spite of his anxieties about our relationship.

So all is well on the MM front once more.


Valerie said...

That's great! His moving in with you is an excellent idea. Hopefully the house will sell soon and you can start The Experiment ASAP. ;)

JessiferSeabs said...

Actually, my best friend and her man are having an experimental living-together arrangement for the summer. Her father is coming to visit for the entire summer and needed to rent a place, so she is giving him her apartment and moving in with her bf... a trial run...