Friday, February 01, 2008

Liberal Democrat

203.2 (yes!)
I am not a particularly political person. Pressed to identify my views, I would likely say that I am a Democrat and a liberal, though I'm mostly more middle-of-the-road and am registered as an independent. Goodness knows, I have several friends who are quite liberal. . . . letting me know that I am not that far left in my views.
The first presidential election I voted in was the 1992 election: George HW Bush v. Bill Clinton. I voted for Clinton in 1992 and again in 1996. I LOVED Bill Clinton.
I have not yet decided for whom I will vote in this year's presidential election, but when MM called me yesterday to ask if I wanted to go hear Bill Clinton speak--he was in town campaigning for Hillary--I jumped at the chance.
MM and I went to hear him speak, and I enjoyed it. I still love Bill Clinton. I wish he could run for president again.
On our way home from the rally, I had this thought: if I were with SL, last night's outing never would have happen. As a conservative, SL would never have suggested going to see Bill Clinton speak; he wouldn't even have been willing to go had I suggested it. One of many nice things about having a liberal Democrat boyfriend. ;-)
My mom finally arrived last night just before we left for the rally. It'll be good to have her here.
I was pretty psyched about the number on the scale this morning. . . . particularly given the fact that I ate dinner after 10:00 p.m. last night at In N Out Burger. (I had my burger "protein style"--no bun--but I did eat half an order of french fries.) If I weigh 203.2 while I'm on my period, after not working out for a week and having In N Out the night before, I must be pretty darn close to 200.
In a way, it's really sad that my weight loss goal at the moment is simply to weigh less than 200 lbs. . . . . but hey, baby steps. I'm also looking forward to fitting into my size 14 clothes again. A few items fit at the moment, and my size 16 stuff is getting loose, but I'm not quite to size 14 yet.
Had MM and I not gone to the Clinton rally last night, I would've gone to the gym. I finally felt up to it. Perhaps I will go tonight after work. . . . maybe not, though, because Mom is expecting to go to dinner with me. Saturday morning, maybe?
Busy weekend ahead. I'll be eating out a lot, so I just hope I can make good food choices.