Friday, February 29, 2008

So tired


I have been tired every day for almost a week. It started after last Friday night at MM's, when he thought it would be fun to wake me for sex at 4:45 a.m. on Saturday morning and keep me up chatting after for almost an hour. Follow that up with bachelorette party, travel via car and airplane, and too much stress at work, and I don't think I've had a satisfying full night's sleep in a week. Aye, aye, aye.

My low tolerance for being sleep-deprived is one of several reasons that I've often thought that perhaps parenthood is not for me. Maybe once my Starbucks grande hazelnut latte kicks in I'll feel better. ;-) I sure hope so. . . .

I am at work, waiting for a court to call me for a telephonic hearing. I have about seven projects to complete in the next 5 days (not to mention summarizing the depositions I've attended for our clients), but I am going to be spending most of today attending two more depositions. Things at the office are crazy for me at the moment.

I am definitely coming in to the office tomorrow to work for at least 6-7 hours, maybe more. I'm getting up in the morning just like it's a regular workday and coming in. I've got to, or I will be ever more behind the eight-ball than I am now. [sigh]

MM and I went to the gym last night, then to Sweet Tomatoes for dinner (Mom joined us there). It's been good seeing him these past two nights, even though they've been brief get-togethers. He's great!

Tonight MM and I are meeting my Tucson friend L and her fiance for dinner. (L is the friend whose bachelorette party I attended last Saturday.) It should be fun.

Tomorrow night I am having dinner with C and her husband (& Mom), a belated celebration of her birthday, which was last week. (MM will be at a basketball game with his dad.) Sunday Mom and I are babysitting for my friend KH for a few hours, and in the evening MM and I are going to the Foo Fighters concert.

I am excited about all the things I have going on this weekend (well, except for working all day Saturday). At the same time, it would be nice to have a free weekend when I could do little/nothing. I need some relaxation! Ah well.

If being too busy is the worst thing I have to complain about, life is good. ;-)
Oh, and on the eating/exercise front: I got "back on the wagon" with South Beach (Phase 2) when I returned to Phoenix on Wednesday (except for a couple of slips with Hershey's miniatures at work). I did my 32-minute elliptical workout the past two nights, and yesterday I also walked the dog for 30 minutes. I haven't been eating enough veggies, but that's an ongoing issue for me. Otherwise, things have been good.