Friday, February 22, 2008

Don't take a day off

204.4 (was 205.8 yesterday)
I stayed home from work yesterday because I woke up with GI distress. I worked a couple of hours from home in the afternoon, but really couldn't get much done because I hadn't brought much work home with me.
Well, there was PLENTY waiting for me when I got to the office this morning! I spent most of today preparing documents relevant to a court order we received yesterday afternoon while I was out; we have a short turnaround time and governmental clients, so I really had to get the ball rolling ASAP.
One thing I dislike about being a lawyer (compared to being a nurse): taking a day off is a bitch. All my work waits for me when I'm out of the office. At the hospital, you could take vacation or a sick day, and someone else would do your work (take care of patients) in your stead; I never came back to work and had things piled up. Ah well.
It's been overcast and gray here all day: a very un-Arizona-like day overall. I never complain about cooler weather here, though, because I know I will have all the warmth I want and more all summer long.
I have been off the wagon with South Beach since Wednesday night. Not sure what came over me. MM wanted to order pizza, and I joined him in that. I've done that once or twice before since starting SB, but this time I've gone beyond that one meal and continued to eat carbs & sugar (I had a piece of chocolate cake for breakfast today).
This next few days will be a challenge eating-wise: I have a bachelorette party tomorrow night, Chuck E. Cheese's on Sunday, and travel Monday and Tuesday. Also, I probably won't get much exercise in: I may hit the gym in the morning (if I'm not a lazy slug) and on Monday night at the hotel (if I'm not too swamped with work), but that'll probably be it. [sigh]
On a positive note, Sebastian is going to become a therapy dog! I attended an informational session last night for a local group called Gabriel's Angels; volunteers visit abused & neglected children in crisis nurseries, domestic violence shelters, and group homes. The requirements may take a while to complete, but are not terribly arduous, and I think he will enjoy it: he loves giving love to everyone he meets, and he is terrific with kids.
I'm out.