Monday, February 18, 2008

Presidents' Day


My office was closed today, so I didn't have to go to work. I'd intended to work some from home, but that didn't happen--ah well. My calendar tomorrow is literally empty--no appointments or deadlines--so I can probably get mostly caught up even though I did nothing today.

Mom and I saw Definitely, Maybe with Mike's mom today, then had lunch at Claim Jumper. We had fun; I liked the movie.

Yesterday Mom and I took Sebastian to the dog park. He made several friends there and played a lot. One dog in particular didn't leave Sebastian's side for about 45 minutes; even when Sebastian would lie down to rest, this dog ("Floyd") would lie down with him. . . . on top of him, actually. It was really cute:

Sebastian is still exhausted today from his hour or so at the dog park yesterday. I guess he really isn't a puppy anymore. :-(

MM took me to dinner last night at The Melting Pot for a late Valentine's celebration. I enjoyed it. We were in a little private booth with curtains around it and everything. . . . very romantic. ;-) He really went all out for Valentine's Day, I will say: in addition to my dozen red roses and the romantic dinner, he also got me a 60-minute massage at the spa of a local world-class resort. My roses still look gorgeous; two are fully open now and smell great. I can't wait to enjoy my massage!
I spent almost an hour today "decluttering" my wardrobe. I got rid of a bunch of things that no longer fit or that I'm tired of; I gave about 10-12 items to my mom and am giving almost 50 to Goodwill. It felt really good to purge my closets and unpack a few boxes I hadn't touched since 2-3 moves ago! It did highlight, however, how I am lacking some key basics in a size that currently fits me. (Based on all the clothes I tried on today, I'm a solid 16 at the moment.)
Now I'm going to have to go shopping at some point in the near future. . . . . oh well.
I went to the gym this evening. It felt good to get a workout in. I will only be able to go to the gym on Tuesday evening this week because of other commitments the other nights. Maybe I will go Saturday morning, too, to get my three days in.