Monday, February 04, 2008

February already

201.8 (yippee)
Very happy with the number on the scale this morning. I'm thinking it's probably pretty accurate: my eating was average all weekend, I shouldn't be dehydrated, and my period is over. Time will tell, I suppose. If this is a true reading, I should be under 200 very soon.
MM and I (along with some friends of his) hung out down by the arena yesterday since the Super Bowl was in town. It was fun hearing all the live music and seeing the fans milling around. We got a really funny photo with some folks dressed as Patriots. Later we returned to MM's place to watch the actual game, which was exciting, even for those of us who didn't care about the outcome.
The only downside of my weekend was that I started getting a headache when the game started, and it developed into a migraine. (Not sure what triggered it: I drank less than half a beer a few hours before, so maybe that did it.) Imitrex & ibuprofen did not get rid of my migraine, so I ended up going to bed at 9:00. I felt 100% again this morning, though, thank goodness.
I'm just as in love with MM as ever! He's a great guy. He discovered this weekend that I have this blog; he was using my BlackBerry to access and saw the url. He was very curious to read it, but didn't when I asked him not to. He did ask that I not post his photo or real name on here because of his job, so I will honor that request.
Mom is here. We had our outing with MM's mom on Saturday, and it went well.
It's cloudy and rainy here today. I never complain about cooler weather here, though, because the summers are so long and brutal.
Back to work!