Tuesday, February 19, 2008

30 shopping days left before my birthday

Considering my mom and I had Mexican food for dinner last night--and everything I ate had a ton of melted cheese on it--I'm not too disappointed with this morning's scale reading. It does seem that I am not going to be getting under 200 lbs any time soon, though.
MM and I are going to the gym this evening. (I went last night, too.) I'm looking forward to seeing him! We will probaby get dinner at Chipotle after, unless he changes his mind and decides he wants something else. ;-)
I'm not really in the mood to be at the office today. Maybe it's because I was off the past four days. Oh well. I may cut out early and work at home for a few hours.
It's a gorgeous day today: high 60s/low 70s, sunny with just a few high clouds. Lovely.
Gotta get back to working on a lovely motion. . . . .