Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The scale lies

OK, so I guess yesterday's scale reading wasn't as accurate as I had hoped. Yesterday was an average eating day for me, and I drank a ton of water. I also felt good, so today's weight may be more accurate--who knows.
MM and I are going to the gym this evening. I haven't worked out since 1/25, so I'm looking forward to getting back on track. I am totally recovered from my bronchitis, except for a lingering occasional cough; nothing that should adversely affect my workout, though.
I am down 11 lbs since starting South Beach on 1/2, so that's something to be happy about. If I could lose just half that much each month, I could weigh what I should weigh before the end of this year. I am primarily exercising and dieting this time because of my health, so any progress I make is good. I'll be interested to see how much weight I can lose--and what effect it will have on my cholesterol levels--between now and early July when I go back to the doctor.
I wore some size 14 pants to work yesterday, too, so I am obviously getting smaller. . . . albeit not as quickly as I'd like. Today's pants are size 16 and a little loose on me. So I'm getting there.
Today the sun is out again, which is nice. It's rare for us to have a day without sunshine here. I don't mind a gloomy, gray day once in a while, but I don't like a steady diet of them. (If I did, I'd live in Seattle or Cork instead of Phoenix!)
Here's hoping for a good workout!