Wednesday, February 13, 2008

9:30 to Yuma

203.4 (better)
The scale is back to where I might expect to see it this morning. Is it possible that, after my eating on Sunday, it took three days for my weight to return to normal? Who knows. I had a good eating day yesterday and did 32 minutes on the elliptical trainer (with my heart rate in the aerobic range).
I'm driving to Yuma today for a deposition and a court hearing. It's over three hours each way. Mom is going along for the ride. After court, I'm having dinner with friends F and T. I haven't seen them since last March: they moved away from Tucson the same weekend that SL and I broke up. I really like them, though in some ways I always considered F to be a closer friend of SL's than of mine; F would have been SL's best man at our wedding.
In any event, the road trip will be nice; I'll bill a lot of hours for today, between the depo, hearing, and travel; and it'll be fun to see F and T (and their 13-month-old son). Seven plus hours of driving would be kind of boring if Mom weren't going with me.
Poor Sebastian is going to be alone all day. He has gotten quite used to "Grandma De" spending at least part of each day with him. MM is coming by after work to feed and walk him, as we will be back very late (likely after 11:00).
MM sent me a dozen long-stemmed red roses for Valentine's Day! They arrived at my office yesterday, and they're gorgeous. He says this is "the first half" of my gift, so I can't imagine what else he's getting me. What a sweetie.
We went to the gym last night and to IHOP for dinner with Mom, as planned. He's wonderful!


Lisa said...

I haven't commented in awhile but read all of the time. I just wanted to say that I am SOO happy that things are going well with you and MM. Happy Valentines Day - it sounds like he is a "keeper".
Lisa O