Monday, February 11, 2008

Road trips


I ate a lot of "forbidden" carbs yesterday, and I believe that's why the scale is up this morning. I had a regular caffe mocha with sugar, pizza for lunch, and a chocolate muffin and two chocolate chip cookies with dinner. I may well be a little dehydrated, too, as we did a lot of walking outside (and it was close to 80 degrees), and I didn't drink much water until dinner.

I had a busy and fun weekend. Friday night Mom and I had dinner at Pei Wei; later I went over to MM's and spent the night. Saturday Mom, KC, and I drove to Wickenburg for a local festival. The trip itself turned out to be something of a bust, but it was still good to spend time with KC, and we saw some beautiful country.

Saturday evening MM and I went out for BBQ, then back to his place to watch a movie (we turned it off halfway through because it moved too slowly).

Sunday late morning, Mom, MM, and I met my friend KH and her mom for a historic home tour in KH's neighborhood (her house was built in 1930). The home tour was really cool; there was also an associated street fair. We all enjoyed ourselves; even MM, who went more to humor me than because he wanted to. It was a gorgeous day: sunny, clear, 77 degrees.

Another fun part of Sunday was seeing KH's baby son, who is not-quite-7-months-old. He's a real cutie. He was very interested in MM's baseball cap and kept trying to pull it off. First time I've seen MM interact with a baby.

I found out this morning that I'll be going to Yuma on Wednesday for a deposition. I've invited Mom to go along for a road trip: I figure she can go to the mall while I'm at the depo. My first-ever trip to Yuma. I may try to meet friends F and T, who now live in Yuma, for dinner while we're there, too.