Wednesday, February 27, 2008

No sense

The scale makes no sense to me. As previously noted here, I have been off the South Beach eating plan for about a week. I have not exactly been eating with reckless abandon, but I have not been very mindful about healthful eating either. I haven't gotten to go to the gym since last Tuesday. In spite of all this, the scale was lower this morning than when I left for San Francisco. Weird.
This morning I put on a pair of pants I bought just after Christmas which I have not worn in a few weeks. They fit perfectly when I bought them (& the last time I wore them) and are now loose: I keep having to pull them up. So I am definitely getting smaller, whether the scale is moving or not.
Onward and upward today: I ate my bowl of Kashi Go Lean Crunch with 1% milk this morning and had a skinny hazelnut latte on the way to work. I brought a South Beach entree for lunch and have plans for a healthy dinner of salad with tofu and pizza on whole wheat crust. MM and I are going to the gym to make up for missing last night; Tuesdays & Thursdays are our usual nights to work out together.
I'm glad to be back and getting back into a normal routine. I have a sh1tload to do at work; it's frickin' unbelievable. I have already cancelled my haircut and massage I'd scheduled for Saturday because I am planning on spending the entire day working. I have six assignments due next week; four are pleadings that must be filed with courts. All my work is reviewed by the partner assigned to the case before it goes out, so I need to have a couple of these projects done before Monday. Because I will be in a deposition tomorrow morning and two depositions all of Friday afternoon, I won't have much other time to get stuff done. Ugh.
On that note: gotta get back to work! ;-)