Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Post #300

Wow. I had really hoped to blog about something interesting for my 300th post. In fact, I've been contemplating topics for over a month. But now that's just not gonna happen.
I have been really sick for several days! It started with my second cold of the year at the beginning of last week. By Saturday night, in addition to my cold symptoms and being generally weak and tired, I had a productive cough and was running a fever. I hate going to the doctor, but I felt so bad on Monday afternoon that I broke down and went to urgent care.
The doctor at urgent care diagnosed me with bronchitis; he said I'd acquired a secondary bacterial infection while I had my cold. He prescribed me antibiotics, a codeine cough syrup for nighttime, and encouraged rest and extra fluids.
Today is the first day in four days that I've woken up without a fever! I am not even congested at the moment, though I still feel a little headache-y. I hope this means that I am over the worst of this crap.
I have continued to work, in spite of being sick, because I've had stuff on my calendar that I had to cover, like court hearings and depositions. I am going in a little late today because I have nothing on the calendar. Not that I don't have work, mind you, but I have no appointments scheduled.
Because of my bronchitis, I haven't been able to exercise; my last workout was Friday evening. If I still feel at least this good tomorrow evening, I'll go to the gym with MM then. (The doctor said I shouldn't work out until I didn't feel tired anymore.)
Other than feeling like ass, not much new has been going on. MM has been sick, too, though mainly just a sore/scratchy throat. We've been quite a pair this past week or so.
I was so glad to see the scale finally move below 205! I weighed 204.8 on Tuesday morning, too. My eating has not been optimal since I've been sick--I haven't had nearly enough veggies and have skipped some meals due to lack of appetite--but I've stayed off the white flour and sugar anyway.
Maybe I will post something good for Post #301. . . . .


Anonymous said...

Sorry I haven't been commenting as much. New job = crazy.

But look at your weight! Check you out, skinny!