Tuesday, February 12, 2008


205.0 (whatever)
The scale remains up, but I'm not going to focus on it today. All I can do is make healthy food choices each day and exercise; the weight loss will eventually come if I keep doing those things. I ate at home last night and had a healthful meal, and Mom and I took the dog for a walk around the neighborhood, so yesterday was a good day.
I really don't feel much like working today, which is bad because I have quite a few things I need to get done. Ah well. I'll snap out of it shortly, I'm sure. One of the downsides of private practice: unlike when I worked for the government, I don't have the luxury of doing nothing all day, even for one day.
MM and I are going to the gym this evening after work. Mom saw an ad on TV for free pancakes at IHOP today, so she is determined to go there for dinner. Pancakes are definitely not on my list of South Beach-compliant foods, but I'll just order something else, I guess.
Not much else exciting to report. Friday morning, Mom and I fly to Houston for my friend D's wedding; we'll be flying back the following afternoon. MM and I are going to a hockey game on Saturday night, then to The Melting Pot on Sunday for a late Valentine's celebration. Monday my office is closed for Presidents' Day, so Mom and I are going to a movie with MM's mom (Definitely, Maybe).
Just gotta get through the week. . . .