Sunday, November 04, 2007

One is out looking for the other one

?? (didn't weigh, parents here)
I just have not felt like blogging this week. I'm not entirely sure why. Perhaps in part it's because I have been hella busy at work. I've spent so much time writing motions, mediation memoranda, and the like that I'm all "written out." LOL
One of my regularly-read bloggers ( has issued herself a weight loss challenge for November in which I am going to join. I plan to start tomorrow morning. I will:
*Journal what I eat and drink
*Continue to weigh daily and record my weight
*Drink 3 L of water daily
*Walk/jog at least three times a week (ideally, more)
*Hike at least twice this month
I definitely need a kick in the a$$, so hopefully doing this challenge will give me some much-needed motivation to get back on track (for the millionth time).
My dad & stepmom arrived Friday evening and just left about 9:45 this morning. It was a short visit, but it was good to see them. And they only mentioned my salvation once during the visit, so that wasn't too bad. ;-)
I feel a little bad because I stretched the truth a little with them. Dad & Stepmom asked if J and MM are Christians, and I said they are. . . . even though J completely rejects the Christian belief system (finding more resonance in eastern religions & meditation) and MM has said that organized religion is for people who are "too weak-minded to think for themselves." I did honestly say that both J and MM were raised Christian, and they were: J is a lapsed Catholic--like me--and MM grew up going to a Lutheran church regularly. I just didn't want to get into the whole religion issue with the parents. So tiresome.
I do not attend a church currently, but am perfectly OK with where I'm at in my relationship with God. One of the things I find most annoying about certain varieties of Christianity is the need its adherents feel to push their beliefs on others. I am fully aware of Jesus and the Bible, and have no need or desire to discuss my spirituality with my parents. In my opinion, they need to get over themselves and accept this. Anyway. . . . I know their intentions are pure, but it's still annoying.
We had a nice, mellow visit. We went out to dinner at Sweet Tomatoes Friday night when they arrived, then just hung out at home. Saturday morning, we went out for a late breakfast, then drove to a nearby outlet mall. (The parents love to shop.) Last night, we went for a nice, leisurely dinner at PF Chang's--yum!
This morning we just got a quick bagel and a coffee before they headed out to have lunch with friends in Tucson around noon. Just 38 hours together. . . 16 hours or so spent sleeping. ;-)
I'm going over to MM's at 3:00. I'm looking forward to seeing him! We were really glad when we realized on Thursday night's date that we'd be able to see each other today: usually he has dinner with his parents on Sundays, but they are in Costa Rica at the moment. Because he'd made no other plans for the afternoon/evening and my parents left early, we can hang out. Yea!
Oh, I never blogged about our Thursday night date (date #11--I'm gonna stop counting, I think). It was good. We had a quickie at my place, grabbed a bite at Chipotle, then saw "Gone Baby Gone." The movie was very intense and thought-provoking. MM and I actually had a difference of opinion about the way the main character handled a couple of moral dilemmas he faced in the movie. We ended up having a thoughtful discussion about our differing views. . . . no tempers rose, just a nice discourse. MM commented that it was refreshing for him to see a movie with someone who is actually capable of discussing it intelligently and in detail afterwards. Apparently he has dated a few women who "only had two brain cells." LOL
The more I'm with MM, the more I like him. He is really terrific. Well, to be more accurate. . . . he and I have a great time together and are quite compatible. He is a bit quirky, so I can see how he might not be every woman's cup of tea. But I dig him. :)
Work should prove to be busy again this week. I'm actually in the office right now; I'd hoped to get a jump on some projects I need to complete this week. But now that I'm here, I realize that I need information about the cases that I don't have and won't know where to access without discussing it with some of the staff. (sigh) Ah well.
Guess I'll go home and chill for a while instead. Gonna need all the relaxation I can get to face this week, I think.