Monday, November 05, 2007

Off to a not-so-great start

209.2 (at least I'm under 210. . . . )
Already today I have not started out with the best eating choice. When I stopped to get my usual iced Caffe Mocha at Starbucks, I also got a bacon & egg breakfast sandwich. It was yummy, but not a very healthy choice, and now I feel stuffed. Ah well. It's early in the day, and I can make a better choice at lunch.
I had a wonderful time with MM yesterday. I got to his place a little after 3:00 and stayed until almost 11:00. (I'd planned to leave at 10:00, but he wanted me to stay and watch "Tell Me You Love Me" on HBO with him.) Actually, even when the show ended, he didn't want me to leave. . . . he hid my purse and tried to be funny and hold me down on the couch so I couldn't leave. LOL
The first few hours, we just hung out watching TV, then had a little sex. Then we had dinner at the Olive Garden, followed by more sex, a movie at his place, and TV. A good, relaxing time. There are few things I enjoy more currently than lying on MM's couch watching TV, with his arms wrapped around me and him stroking my hair. :-)
I ended up talking to him after I got home a little bit about our feelings for each other. To make a long story short, we are both growing to care for each other. . . . at the same time, we are both happy with our current arrangement as is and are not looking to change it. So we have once again made a decision to maintain the status quo and keep getting to know each other and enjoying the relationship.
I may meet his parents this Saturday. They are flying in from Costa Rica at 7:00-ish on Saturday night, and he is picking them up from the airport. As we had planned to spend that night together, he's suggested that he stop by my place and pick me up on his way west from the airport. We'll see if the logistics work out; I would be interested to meet his folks, and I think it's interesting that he apparently wants me to meet them.
Not much else to tell!