Saturday, November 17, 2007


(didn't weigh)
I have mentioned here before that I have a temper and that I hate having a temper. My temper reared its head last night when a significant maintenance issue in my apartment was not addressed. (In fact, said issue has still not been addressed. . . . but anyway.)
The only truly noteworthy thing about my having lost my temper is that MM happened to call me (back) not 5 minutes after I'd lost it. So he got to experience, at least second-hand and over the phone, the true S wrath for the first time.
Not sure how good a thing that is, but hey. . . . the guy was gonna see it eventually anyway. At least this way, his first experience with my temper was when it was directed at someone other than him. I think that part is good, at least.
MM and I were actually on the phone last night for almost an hour and a half, by far our longest phone conversation yet. We really didn't talk about anything major: just chatted, once he'd talked me down. LOL
About 10 minutes before we hung up--by now it was about 9:30--his landline rang and it was his ex-girlfriend with whom he is still on friendly terms. WTF was she doing calling him at 9:30 on a Friday night?! I know he is not into her, or they'd still be together, and he has been very open about the fact that they are still casual friends. . . . but I don't like that she feels that she can call him at 9:30 p.m. on a Friday. Humph.
Anyway. . . . to his credit, he told her he couldn't talk because he was on the phone with me and didn't immediately end our call to call her back. I don't genuinely feel threatened. . . . more annoyed with her. Which is a bit ridiculous, as she is a total stranger to me. LOL
MM is coming to get me at 3:00; we are going hiking. I'm looking forward to it! Haven't been on a hike in quite some time. We are, of course, spending the evening and night together as well. ;-)
Aside from my frickin' backed-up kitchen sink and MM, there's not much else to share.