Monday, November 12, 2007

Serenity now

I know my last post was cryptic. When I wrote it, I just wanted to admit the fact to the universe and therefore to myself. My feelings are not something I have as yet discussed explicitly with MM, and I don't have plans to do so in the immediate future. I don't feel as though I want to tell him yet. I just wanted to acknowledge it.
I had a wonderful weekend. Friday night I met KC for a quick dinner at Pei Wei after her shift, then just surfed the internet. Saturday was a full day. I got a haircut & highlights in the morning, then went to Borders and bought three new books--I used gift cards from my wedding shower in March, so the whole purchase only cost me a nickel of my own money. Both my trip to the salon and my books gave me a lift: I love my hairstylist and he does great work.
KC and I then met for lunch at a place called My Big Fat Greek Restaurant. It was my first time eating there, and it was delicious! The portions were huge, too, so I had enough leftovers for last night's dinner, too. After lunch, KC and I went shopping. I didn't overspend, so I was proud of myself.
Unfortunately, as we were shopping, I started getting a headache which had blossomed into a migraine by the time I made it home. I drugged up on Imitrex & ibuprofen and took a nap, then had to get up and start getting ready for MM to pick me up.
By the time MM arrived to get me for our date, my migraine had subsided some, but I still wasn't 100%. He mentioned at dinner that he'd noticed I was a lot quieter than usual; he'd assumed I was nervous about meeting his parents. When I told him that I was recovering from a migraine, I think he was relieved.
MM tried to reassure(?) me about meeting his parents by telling me that his mom hasn't liked any of his girlfriends, so it wouldn't matter to him if she didn't like me. OK. Come to find out. . . . I am only the third woman he has introduced to his parents. Wow. No pressure. ;-)
We went to the airport to pick the parents up, and they were exactly what I'd expected. The meeting went fine: we drove them home, brought their bags in and stayed about 10-15 minutes, then left for our comedy show. They certainly seemed to like me. They were very nice, typically Midwestern folk of their generation. No surprises.
We went to the Tempe Improv as planned and enjoyed the show. (MM actually enjoyed the opening act even more than the headliner, and I have to agree that he was very funny.) The show didn't end until almost 12:30, and then we still had to drive to MM's, so we didn't even get back to his place until after 1:00.
We went to bed as soon as we arrived home with the intention of going right to sleep. . . . but you know how that goes. ;-) Between chatting and what not, we ended up not going to sleep until after 4:00. We were awakened just after 7:00 by one of MM's probationers calling him. Ugh.
Neither of us really went back to sleep much after that phone call, and around 10:30, we finally gave up and got dressed. We got me a much-needed coffee, then went to lunch and to see "American Gangster" (an excellent movie). After the movie, we got an ice cream, then picked up Sebastian. MM drove us home, and that was our weekend.
MM and I agreed yesterday to take a trip to Vegas together next month. He booked our flight and a room at New York/New York last night. We're psyched!
One last note re MM: there was no significant event, no "aha!" moment, that made my realize that I am in love with him. Rather, it was a realization that has been a while coming that I made after having spent about 22 straight hours with him. I am in a very comfortable and serene place about us at the moment. I hope this lasts! ;-)
Sebastian was exhausted after being at my coworker's all weekend. By all accounts, he had a great time and fit in wonderfully. They are looking forward to having him back for Thanksgiving.
And that was my weekend! After MM dropped us off, I played on the computer and just generally relaxed, while exchanging calls, emails, & texts with MM re our Vegas trip plans. And I had a nice conversation with my friend C in Tucson about her experiences thus far.
Back to work today. No holiday off for me!