Tuesday, November 06, 2007


211.2 (ugh)
I woke up this morning feeling kinda puny. Not really ill, just. . . . not right. I was mildly achy all over, I had a slight headache, and my eyes were itchy (still are, but now it's probably fatigue from looking at the computer screen most of the day).
After 3 Advil and a caffe mocha, I felt well enough to get on with my day. But obviously I (once again) didn't exercise this morning. It seems to be one excuse or another every day. Ah well.
I had every intention of hitting the hay early last night; I was tired. But then my friend D called, needing to talk about problems with her ex-husband. Yes, I'd vowed in my post yesterday to try to gain some psychic distance from friends whose drama is sucking the life force out of me. . . . but when I saw her come up on the caller ID a little after 9:00 p.m., I gave in and answered anyway. I ended up not getting off the phone and to bed until 11:50 last night. Whew. I actually talked very, very little--mostly just listened--and D cried a lot.
I might also add that I'd spent over an hour on the phone with KC earlier as well. We talked about MM for about 2/3 of that conversation, and she talked about her ex-with-whom-she-is-still-involved the other 1/3.
I know MM will call me tonight--he told me so yesterday via text--but other than him, I am talking to no one else tonight! I just need to chill out. . . . and go to bed early.
Eating today has been sub-par again, too. I had a bran muffin & a caffe mocha for breakfast (but today's caffe mocha was medicinal, LOL); a McDonald's chicken sandwich and Goldfish crackers for lunch; and who-knows-what-yet for dinner. (sigh)