Friday, June 16, 2006


I'm so glad it's almost the weekend! This week has seemed interminably long for some reason. Several co-workers have remarked that they've felt the same, so I don't think it's just me. Maybe part of the reason is that it's been God-awful hot: over 105 every day this week.

I had my monthly book club dinner last night. It was fun! The restaurant was delicious; it more than lived up to my expectations. We had a really good turnout, and all but one of the attendees had read the book. Everyone who'd read the book liked it, too, which was gratifying since it was my selection.

Sebastian was all excited this morning when I mentioned Dickens' name. I shouldn't have said it, actually, because dogs have no concept of "you'll see him tomorrow." So when he heard his name, he thought he was going to Dickens' house right then.

Today is my fourth day on a half dose of Zoloft, and I still feel fine. I have slept a lot the last couple of days, but have otherwise been my usual self.

I intend to re-join Weight Watchers this coming Tuesday. I know I have said this a few times already, but I think I will actually do it now. I have the money, and once I am off all medications, I'll have no excuse not to. I wish SL would go to meetings with me, but he has already informed me he will not. He has no problem following the program with me; he just doesn't want to go to meetings. Ah well.

Off to dad's tomorrow morning. I hope everything goes smoothly with our trip.