Thursday, September 06, 2007

Tooting my horn

KC & I met for dinner last night (healthy, salad with dressing on side) at one of my favorite restaurants near me. They have fabulous bread, but I am proud to say that I limited myself to one piece with no butter. I can always have more on another day. . . . it wasn't my last supper.
I'm proud of myself: I walked Sebastian last night again (2 nights in a row, woo-hoo), and this morning, I actually got up and hit the treadmill! It took my 31 minutes, 20 seconds to walk/jog 2 miles exactly. Right now I am very sweaty (it's more humid than usual out today and already in the low 90's), but I feel fabulous! I should totally do this every morning! Woo hoo carrots!
I've had a few nibbles of interest on match in the past day or so. I'm currently emailing two guys who both sound OK. One has kids, but at least he is my age (or nearly so--37). I put up two different pictures of myself that I had randomly stored on the computer. (One is the same picture as on this blog, the other is a picture of me outside the Bellagio in Vegas in July.)
Not to toot my own horn. . . . but I've been surprised how much older than me guys my age look. I guess I haven't aged too badly. Of course, men usually don't wear makeup to conceal their flaws either, so maybe it's not a fair comparison.
KC & I are going to a happy hour on Friday with a new MeetUp group we joined. We're hoping it'll be a good way to meet some new people. I like the friends I have, but I get a little tired of hanging out with nothing but other lawyers (except KC, of course). And much as I love my friends, none of them are really in a position to introduce me to new men. . . . unless those men are lawyers. LOL
I've gotta crank out some billable hours at work today. Things have been very scattered on Tuesday & Wednesday, so I haven't billed as much as I needed to. I'm sure it'll all even out by month's end.