Sunday, September 02, 2007

Odd dream

212.8 (whatever)

Just before waking up this morning, I had the oddest dream about SL (my ex-fiance of 5 months, for those not in the know). One of the weird parts about it is that it didn't leave me feeling upset.

In my dream, SL had become part of an up-and-coming rock band and was going on tour. (He was still working as a lawyer at the same firm for his "day job," though.) This part in and of itself is weird because SL has no musical talents whatsoever and is definitely not a performer in any sense of that word: he refuses to sing (though I've heard him once drunk, and he has a pleasant enough voice) and the closest he's ever come to playing any musical instrument is rockin' out to Guitar Hero on the Playstation2.
I learned through the grapevine that he was going away and, for some reason, felt compelled to go and say goodbye to him. I also learned that he had a new girlfriend, 21 years old. As rumor had it, she was actually his second girlfriend since me. (His first was a dead ringer for a beautiful blond woman I worked with in Plano, TX, back in late 1998.)

For some reason, I met the girlfriend first; she drove me to SL's place in her car (a convertible, natch). She was gorgeous: far superior to me in every physical way. Slender, but womanly; beautiful, long, shampoo-commercial-quality dark brown hair; perfect features. Her name was Lisa, and she was actually very nice to me. As we talked, it became clear that she was enamored of SL, but also that she wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed. She "couldn't believe" that I was 36 years old.

Then I went to SL's apartment, where he was packing up his gear for the road trip. SL looked the same, except that he had gained weight and was dressing "flashier." He was very happy to see me and hugged me with great affection. He asked if I would keep an eye on his place and gave me his car keys. When I asked why he didn't ask Lisa to keep an eye on his stuff, he just shrugged. (A man of few words even in my dreams.)

While we were very affectionate, it was in a totally sexless way. It was like we were best friends, but even in the dream, we hadn't seen each other in months. The dream ended when some other guys from "the band" came in and told SL they were ready to go.

Not sure what (if anything) this dream means, but I wanted to post it while it's still fresh in my mind. If nothing else, it's more interesting than the drivel I've been writing on here of late. ;)