Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Love me some Kashi cereal

I wimped out this morning and only did 1.25 miles on the treadmill. I wore the wrong shoes, and my right foot was hurting after only about 8-9 minutes. I suppose I could've pushed through and at least walked the rest of the two miles, but I didn't. The last thing I want to do is cause myself some pain that will make me stop exercising again.
In addition to hitting the treadmill on three consecutive mornings (yea!), I have also walked Sebastian about a mile each evening for the past 4 out of 6 nights. It's so nice that it's actually cool enough to enjoy walking him in the evenings now! Honestly, I don't mind the daytime highs close to 100. . . . so long as it cools off at night.
Minneapolis Boy called me last night around 6:30 to set up a date for this weekend. I briefly toyed with the idea of calling him, but ultimately decided to let him call me. . . . I had a feeling he would. We are going out Friday for dinner & a movie. (He wanted to see me Saturday night, but I'm going to be in Tucson.) Our conversation was brief--we caught up on each other's weekends and set up this date--but it was good to hear from him. Still not a misstep from him; I love it when men call me early in the week to schedule a date because I'm kinda type A and start making my weekend plans on Mondays. I admit, I am looking forward to seeing him again. . . . ;) And I'm trying NOT to focus my attention on trying to find things about him not to like. LOL
Nebraska Boy and I have been playing phone tag for the past few days. I suspect we will be meeting face-to-face some time in the near future as well. Honestly, but for the fact that I have had so many other things going on, we might've met already. . . . but it's kinda hard to set up dates when you have a lot of weekend plans already. He seems nice and fun to talk with. We'll see.
There is one other guy from match that I'm actively emailing, and no other prospects. I tell ya, the results this time have been pretty meager. Well, as my friend KK has said. . . . I'm only looking to meet one man, really. If I end up meeting someone I like through this process, I'm sure I'll pretty much forget about the fact that I didn't have as many prospects as I would've like. :)
Our speed dating event got cancelled! Or, rather, postponed to October, due to "an unusual, unforeseen imbalance in men and women." Hmmph. KC is still on board for doing it next month, and we can't get our $$ back, so I guess I will, too. What a disappointment, though!
Now that it's finally cooling off a bit here, I'd like to get back out hiking. There are several peaks and trails in the Phx metro area that I've never hiked. I need to start recruiting some partners. . . . I know V will go with me (schedule permitting) and KC might, too. I might even hit up J, if he's not too busy studying.
It's only Tuesday! Ugh.