Saturday, September 15, 2007

Alcohol and lack of sleep = tired & grumpy

214 (eek!)
I stayed out until the wee hours last night--OK, so I was only out until 11:30--and I've been exhausted today. I had a whopping three beers between 5 & 11. It's a good thing I don't actually party anymore; if I feel this wiped out just because I drank 3 beers and stayed up past midnight, I can't imagine how bad off I'd be if I really still partied.
I've had three cups of coffee over the course of the day, and I'm still tired. I could go for a nap, but am determined to tough it out. And anyway, I am going out to dinner in just over an hour. . . . so I don't have time for a nap. Shucks.
Yesterday after work, I met "J" from for a drink. He is younger--31--and a grad student at ASU. We had a fun time. I enjoyed hanging out with him, and he was actually slightly better looking in person than online. I don't know that I see anything long-term on the horizon with him, though; he seems so young and is clearly not looking for a committed relationship. Still, if he's interested, I'll probably hang out with him again.
After leaving the bar where I met Match J, I met my friend J for dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant near my place. Is it wrong that hanging out with my friend J was more fun than hanging out with Match J? LOL Lower stress, I guess. After dinner, we went to a little British pub (also near my place) and had a few drinks. Good times.
J tells me that he and his "ex" A have come to the conclusion that they are going to get back together. So she is going to move out here and is looking for jobs. I hope that works out for him. I doubt it will, but I hope it does, for his sake.
Once A moves here, I'm sure I will be seeing less of J. I'm enjoying our friendship now, though. After his revelations of a few weeks ago and coming to the realization that he and I would never be together again in a romantic way, I almost regretted that we ever got back in touch. But I don't feel that way now. I really do enjoy his company; he's terrific!
Going to a comedy show with KC tonight. Should be fun.
I have a few other prospects from that I'm emailing back and forth with. It's so odd how this online dating stuff works, so who knows what, if anything, will come of them. Time will tell.
I got a haircut and highlights today. I like the way they turned out. It was fun getting caught up with my hairstylist; I hadn't seen him in about 4 years and a lot has happened in both our lives since then. :)