Thursday, September 20, 2007

Status quo

213.4 (4th consecutive day at this weight)
I haven't been keeping up with the blogging this week. My excuse--if I need one--is that not much noteworthy has been going on. I get tired of writing boring blog entries, and I'm sure the few people who read this blog get equally tired of reading them. :)

So what's new with me? Yesterday morning I removed the stitches from my finger laceration. KC was going to do it for me, but she had to fly to L.A. unexpectedly, and I didn't want to wait. It actually wasn't all that hard; would've been even easier if I could've used both hands. My wound seems to be healing. I still think it's likely that I'm going to end up with an ugly scar, but oh well. It's not as though I make my living as a hand model.

I'm having drinks with Minneapolis boy after work on Friday. We had a brief chat on the phone on Tuesday night. I can offer no solid opinions on what I think of him until we meet face-to-face. I will say that he sounds personable--has a sexy voice, too--and normal, and he scored points with me by calling early in the week and picking a place I like that is way closer to my home than his. But the jury is still out on him until we actually meet.

Activity on match, which, as I've written previously, has never been robust this go 'round, has slowed to a trickle. I have one other guy with whom I've been corresponding that I imagine I will soon be meeting face-to-face (I'll call him "Nebraska boy"), and I got an email from someone new yesterday. Other than that, nada at the moment. Ah well. I've really been struck by how much less interest "I" have generated this time, but I'm not dwelling on it.

I developed a migraine mid-morning yesterday. I think the headache may have started as a result of skipping my morning caffe mocha and dehydration, then escalated from there. I struggled through the afternoon, then went home a little early and napped in a dark room for an hour. (This was after multiple doses of Imitrex and NSAIDs.) This morning I feel back to normal, so that's good.

Still no real exercise this week. I did walk Sebastian on both Monday & Tuesday nights, so I guess that was better than nothing. But I still feel like a slug. I haven't been on the treadmill in 12 days! My laziness is awful.

Not much else to tell. Blah, blah, blah. . . .