Wednesday, September 05, 2007


It's shocking: for once, I actually had a relatively productive evening yesterday. I unpacked six of the remaining boxes in the living room. . . . and I actually put most of the stuff that came out of them away where it belongs. Also, I took Sebastian for a 20-minute walk as soon as the outside temperature dropped to 95 (around 9:30 p.m.)
The weirdest part of actually doing something around the place? It took less than an hour. That's right. I am always putting this task off with dread, and when I get off my a$$ and do it, it doesn't take half the time I thought it would.
While unpacking, I also ran across a lot of things I forgot I had. Good times.
I had good intentions to get up this morning and hit the treadmill, but I had a hard time falling asleep (maybe I went for the walk too close to bedtime?), so there was no way I was getting out of bed at 6:00. Ah well. Baby steps.
Re the thing: the consensus (among 2 close friends & my sister) seems to be that the photos I posted on my profile are unflattering. (Washed out, bad hair day, one didn't like one of my outfits.) I have taken them down, but will have to wait until at least this weekend to take more. Needless to say, with no photos at all, my profile is not generating any emails. . . but that's to be expected. We all know that men are visual creatures.
I liked the number I saw on the scale this morning! It'd be nice to break under 210 soon.