Thursday, September 13, 2007


214.4 (YIKES)

I've been in a bit of a funk today. Not quite sure what my problem is. Today is no different than yesterday or the day before. I guess it's just "one of those days"?

Scale is WAY up today. Why? Well, I have not had nearly enough water the past two days, and last night's dinner consisted entirely of fried food (chicken nuggets & tater tots). And I have still haven't exercised since injuring my finger. Come to think of it. . . maybe this crappy eating and lack of exercise are contributing to my foul mood. Hmmm.

It is still God-awful hot here. Yesterday's high temperature was 107, according to the news. The record high for 9/12 is 110; the normal high temp is 101. So we were closer to the record than to normal. At 10:15 last night, it was still 97. The extended forecast doesn't show anything below 100 in the next week. Ugh.

Poor Sebastian has not been walked any evening this week because of the heat. (I won't take him if the outside temp is over 95.) Good thing my mom is staying at my place, or he'd probably be getting into some mischief during the workday.

In addition to no evening walks, I have not gotten up and exercised any day this week. To tell the truth, in addition to my innate laziness, I am a little worried that jogging (or even brisk walking) will make my finger hurt. I can type with only an occasional twinge of pain, but anything more vigorous hurts. I can't even let my left hand swing at my side as normal or my finger throbs. I can't curl my finger around things to hold them. I'm a big wimp about pain. I suppose I could hold my hand up, but I'm afraid just raising my heart rate will make the cut throb.

Pain aside, my finger wound does seem to be healing. The stitches are still in place, the edges of the laceration are well-approximated, and there are no signs of infection. The finger itself is still slightly swollen, but improved. Aside from the inconvenience of not having full use of my left index finger and the pain, no real complaints.

That's all folks.