Monday, September 24, 2007

Little things

On the whole, I consider myself to be a rational and pragmatic person. (One of several reasons why law has been such a good fit for me as a career.) But there is one small part of me--by no means the dominant part--that is a bit of a mushy romantic. That little part of me is easily charmed by stupid little things.

Even though this aspect of my personality is not the one in charge (most of the time), I do believe that it's the one that gets me into a lot of trouble in my love life. The logical and sane S knows what should be done. . . . but then there is this little 5% who's voting for another option.

I was going to write down some examples of these dumb little things men do that charm me. . . . but honestly, I almost cannot bring myself to do it. For one, I'm not even aware of all of them, until a man does one and I think "aha! I like that." Also, the ones of which I am aware sound so frickin' dumb when I put them down into words. I really do pride myself on being "smart." And smart people don't place stock in dumb things.

OK, an example: I have a thing for left-handed men. (Is that not irrational??) I'm not sure why/when that started, but I know that, as far back as J in college--and maybe farther--I've found left-handedness a turn-on. (Yes, J is a lefty.) The two men in my law school for whom I carried a torch--neither of which I ever dated--were both lefties. R, who I dated back in 2000 when I lived in Phx before, was a lefty. (Oddly, two of the partners at my current firm are left-handed. . . . but as they are married, in their 60's, and my bosses, I am somehow manage to resist the appeal. LOL)

Guess who else is left-handed?

Another dumb thing: I like it when men call me by my name. No "darling" or "sweetie" or "baby" for me; I like to hear my name. As a former psych major, I know that there is research that says that all human beings enjoy hearing the sound of their own names, so this one isn't entirely irrational. The only thing that makes it irrational is how a man can score big points with me by just calling me "S." I mean, what else should he call me, really? It's not that I love my name or anything; I think it's just that when a man uses my name, I know that he knows that is with ME, not just the femme du jour.

I'm going to stop here because I already feel all girly and silly. I continue to try to quash this 5% of my personality. . . . and I continue to fail.