Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Once again, I am a lazy ass. I reset the alarm 3 times and just got up at 8:00. . . so no exercise this morning. Grrrr. . . . why do I have so little self-discipline??
Still no results from match.com. I got one email from a 55-year-old man in Yuma. First of all, Yuma is hours away; second, 55? Hello??! Whatever. I'm beginning to think I have thrown away the money I spent on this membership. It's weird how just 3-4 years and 30 lbs makes such a difference; I'd have thought that here in Phoenix, with a bigger dating pool, I'd have more results. Ah well.
I need to just let it go and forget about it.


JessiferSeabs said...

One thing I"ve found about match.com -- and that's how i met Chris -- is that it is really a numbers game. You have to go out with a lot of people before you meet somebody you'd actually like to see a second time. in order to get to that point, sometimes you have to take the initiative and send the first email to people. I did that when I met Chris -- that's how we met, actually, I sent the first email. I always assumed that everybody who is paying for match.com is emailing people, but most of teh guys I went out with were always impressed by the fact that I'd initiated, claiming that "none of the women on match.com do that."

So, go forth and pick out your man!