Monday, September 24, 2007

Isn't lettuce a vegetable?

211.6 (better)

As reflected above, my weight is slightly down this morning over what it's been the past week or so. My eating habits of late have not been good. It's not so much the quantities of food I've been eating--because I haven't really been eating a lot--so much as the foods I've been choosing. For example, the only vegetables I had all weekend were a handful of baby carrots at C's party and the lettuce on last night's tostada. LOL
Now that I'm actively dating again (aside: does 2 dates in 2 weeks count as "actively dating"? whateva), I have begun thinking of the possibility of a man seeing me naked. If nothing else has scared me into taking control of my weight, that should. . . . the thought of any man seeing my body naked in its current state is a disheartening one indeed.
I have gotten up before 7:00 the past two mornings and done my little treadmill workout. (I'm sitting here sweating as I type this.) I was proud of myself today: 2 miles only took me 29 minutes and 30 seconds. I stepped up the proportion of jogging to walking this morning and jogged 3 minutes, then walked 2 minutes. . . . I had been jogging 2 minutes, then walking 3 minutes.
I feel really good at the moment. Yesterday I felt like a slug all day in spite of getting up early and exercising. My mom thinks I need to be taking a multivitamin. Ah, if only the answer to improving my mood were so simple.
In contrast to yesterday's sluggish mood, I was in a fantastic mood all day Saturday. In addition to my warm, fuzzy feelings after Friday night's successful date, I had an activity-filled day, too. Mom and I put in an appearance at a co-worker's birthday party; that turned out to be more fun than I had anticipated. I did a good deed and picked up KC's dog from the kennel a day earlier than she expected; he was very grateful. Then I went to dinner at C's, where I got to chat with several friends I hadn't seen in quite a while. Good times all around.
To top it off, the weather was fabulous all weekend. Really. Saturday night was beautiful: a light rainstorm, followed by a little bit of a cool breeze. Yesterday's daytime high was only 87, so that was AWESOME.
I hope I get more work to do this week. I have a pretty busy week socially: tomorrow night, KC & I are going speed-dating, and Wednesday night, my mom & I are meeting my friend V for dinner. (I haven't seen V in 6-7 weeks.) Saturday morning I am going to Tucson for the weekend. Should be fun.