Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hump Day

I'm glad it's Wednesday; almost halfway through the week! I usually look forward to the weekends, but more so when I have fun stuff planned.
Tonight Mom & I are having dinner with my friend V. I haven't seen her in several weeks, and she's been on a 2-week vacation to Asia since then. So we should have lots to talk about.
For some reason, I came home in a blah mood yesterday. I think it may be the result of sitting at my computer researching all afternoon. When I'm doing a lot of legal research on Lexis or Westlaw, I kinda zone out, and it can be hard to return to a normal mood after that; I noticed the same thing in law school. I didn't really feel back to normal until J called me shortly before bedtime. (He is a frickin' riot, by the way; my ribs were hurting, he had me laughing so hard.) I'm fine this morning, though.
Nebraska Boy called last night, and we had a chat. He seems nice, but I'm starting to lose interest in meeting him. I think it's partly because I'm feeling more like he & I are not on the same level intellectually--he's smart, but not educated. Plus, he tends to dominate the conversation, which is OK, but the topics aren't ones that particularly interest me; it seems as though we don't actually share many interests. And, to be completely fair, it's probably partly because I am more focused on Minneapolis Boy. I have always been pretty much a "one-man woman." Playing the field doesn't generally work too well for me because I nearly always end up liking one man more than the others. Well, at this point, Nebraska Boy has hinted at a face-to-face meeting, but we haven't set anything up. So I think I will just let it lie for now. Who knows: maybe I wasn't into the conversation last night because I was in a mood. Next time we talk could be different.
Things have picked up a bit at work, thank God! I've been doing some legal research for a co-worker. It's not the most exciting thing in the world, but it sure beats having nothing to do.