Friday, September 28, 2007


I'm taking a break from running again this morning. My legs feel pretty much back to normal, but I just want to be on the safe side. Plus, to be honest, I just don't feel like working out. Lazy, I know.
I ended up not walking Sebastian last night. Actually, I ended up not enjoying my first Mom-free evening in weeks because I worked late, then had a headache. I am feeling better today, thank goodness.
M.B. called me last night right as I was leaving the office to work out the details of our date tonight. He is picking me up at 6:00 for dinner and a movie. I'm looking forward to it!
I had a bit of an awkward moment with M.B. last night: after hanging up with him, I talked with my friend M, who (rightly) pointed out that I probably shouldn't be picked up at my place by someone whose last name I didn't even know. So I called M.B. right back and asked him his last name. He readily told me what it is, then it came up that I might "check him out" before the date. He seemed to find this very amusing. He assured me that he has a clean record, given what he does for a living (probation officers generally have criminal background checks, I'd guess), and that if I wanted, he'd bring "a complete dossier" on our date, including a list of all his ex-girlfriends.
I'm afraid that now he thinks I'm a bit of a nutcase, but better safe than sorry, I say. I'd hope that, given the job he does, he'd be well aware that there can be some weirdos out there. My own paranoia (& M's, probably) is due to being a former prosecutor, I think: this kind of thing didn't used to occur to me.
By the way. . . . I did look him up on line. He lives where he says he does, and I found his name and birth year associated with addresses in all the several cities where he's told he's lived. So unless he's assumed someone else's identity, he is probably what he appears to be. LOL
Totally off the topic of M.B. (who, depending on how tonight goes, may soon be promoted to M.M.--Minneapolis MAN). . . . can I just share that I puffy-heart my new job on paydays? LOL It's still so nice to log on and check my checking account and see that bigger-than-I'm-used-to deposit every other Friday. Gotta enjoy this feeling while it lasts. . .
Glad it's Friday!


JessiferSeabs said...

Gotta love the Minneapolis boys... i certainly do, anyway. ;-)

I let Chris pick me up on our first date, and he didn't leave for four years. haha. Once you feed 'em, apparently the don't leave... until you tell them to. :-(