Sunday, August 26, 2007


I have had a very lazy weekend. Aside from driving up to north Scottsdale for dinner with KC, C & her boyfriend, and J last night, I've done little productive. I bought the bedroom furniture I'd planned to at Ikea. . . . but it's still in the boxes, unassembled. (I don't have a mattress for the bed yet anyway, as it would not fit in KC's car.) I've napped and done a lot of reading. And now my mom will be arriving in the next 2-3 hours.
Oh well. My mom is quite chill about things, and I'm sure the boxes and general chaos of the apartment won't be a big deal to her. I'm going to do a little more straightening up, but have abandoned all hope of actually have the place completely neat & organized.
Once again, I have not exercised at all today. My eating has been OK, though. I imagine the weight I saw on the scale this morning is, at least in part, due to dehydration: I had 2 glasses of wine with dinner last night, then 2 beers after dinner with J (we went out for a drink after dinner, just the two of us).
I am reading a very interesting book by John Grisham called The Innocent Man. I like Grisham's writing style. I will say that his bias is very obvious in the way he presents the facts, but I am enjoying the book nonetheless.
It'll be good to see my mom. . . . haven't seen her since Easter.