Sunday, August 12, 2007

It makes no sense

I know it is normal for the scale to fluctuate from day to day. If I choose to weigh myself daily--and I do, for the most part--I have to accept these fluctuations as normal and expected.
I still find it odd, though, that I weigh less this morning than I have weighed the past three mornings. Yesterday I did no exercise (haven't worked out since Tuesday, actually) and ate out at The Melting Pot: I had a huge, four-course dinner, plus two alcoholic drinks. And yet I still weigh less than I did a few days ago. Hmmm. I'm not complaining; I'm just noting the inconsistency of this.
I got a computer desk yesterday at Ikea, and I started assembling it last night when I got home from my evening out with V. There are 42 steps in the assembly process! I am through 16 of them, so I still have a ways to go. At least what I have done so far is recognizable as a desk; when I first pulled all the pieces out of the boxes last night, I couldn't even figure out where to start! (Is it obvious that I have not had much experience in assembling furniture?)
It's times like this when I could use SL; he was good at putting things together. Ah well. It's an opportunity for personal growth, right?
Once I get my desk put together, I'm going in to the office to do the work I didn't do yesterday. If I spend a solid 4-5 hours there, I think I can accomplish everything I need to in order to start the week tomorrow feeling OK about my upcoming deadlines.
I had planned to go check out a service at the Unitarian Universalist church near work this morning, but will have to postpone for a couple of weeks now, as the service starts in 3 minutes. Maybe I will wait until my mom comes; it might be fun to bring her along.
I had a nice chat with J yesterday. (I originally called him for help with my iPod/iTunes--which, as I predicted, he was able to provide--and he called me back.) His sister and her family were coming into town yesterday to visit friends, so he was going to be spending the evening with them. Apparently he really did spend Friday night studying; he and a classmate (his only classmate who is older than him) studied anatomy all evening, then had a late dinner. I imagine J is studying more today, since he has an exam tomorrow morning. When J and I talked on Thursday, I did learn that he got a 78 on his first graded exam last Monday, and he was very disappointed with that. So I suppose it is more understandable that he is putting in an extra effort for this test.
Not much else to tell!