Monday, August 20, 2007

Monday morning

211.6 (hmmm)
I am sitting at home right now because I woke up with a migraine for the second day in a row. Though my headache is mostly gone right now, I still feel a little weird after taking the Imitrex to knock it out. I'm going to go in to the office after noon.
I just hopped on the scale, and the number above is what I saw. Weird. I actually didn't eat much this weekend despite eating every meal out--between my ruminations re J and yesterday's migraine, I didn't have much appetite. Still, I am a little surprised to see that lower weight. . . . pleasantly so, to be sure, but surprised. Maybe it's in part because I am finishing up my period. ?? I know I'm not dehydrated this morning; I spent all day yesterday sucking down water like a camel at the end of a desert trek. Weight is a strange thing.
On that same weight-related note, a few of my friends commented over the weekend that I looked thinner. Looking back, I don't really weigh less than I did a month ago, before I moved. And I don't think I was dressed in any particularly flattering outfits that would create the illusion of looking thinner. Hmmm.
My weight loss plan for the week? To journal what I eat, control portions, eat more fruits/veggies. If it's not too God-awful hot, I hope to get back to exercising more again this week. (Assuming also that I don't have more migraines.) It is so true that exercise gives you more energy and improves your mood. . . . not even considering what it does for weight loss & muscle tone.
I am going to be eating about half my meals out, I imagine, which is about usual for me. I'm going to make healthful choices when I'm out and stop eating long before I feel full. I'm going to have lowfat yogurt or Kashi Go Lean Crunch for breakfasts. I may as well finish up some of the Jenny cuisine meals I have for lunches and dinners when I'm eating at home. . . . the food's not too bad, and it's one approach to portion control.
On the social front, I will likely have dinner with KC tomorrow night, and am meeting my friend A (who I've not yet seen since moving to Phx) for dinner on Wednesday night. I'm looking forward to seeing A: her little daughter just turned one, and I've not seen them since SL & I broke up. Not sure yet about Thursday, but Friday night I'm 95% sure I'm going to drive up to Tucson to go to a Grease sing along; I love that movie and have since I was about 8 years old! It sounds SO fun!!
Saturday night I think I am having dinner with C and her boyfriend and KC & J. . . .we'd talked about that last week, though I haven't talked to her about it since coming to the realization that J and I are not ever going to date again. I feel pretty sure that C will still want to meet J, even though we are only friends. I really should do more unpacking this week, and I should make another Ikea run next weekend; I don't have any furniture in my second bedroom yet, and my mom will be arriving some time next week. I'm still interested in checking out that Unitarian Universalist church, too, so perhaps I will go on Sunday.
After waking up with this migraine, my week is off to an odd start. Regardless, I hope it's a good one!