Thursday, August 23, 2007

Bait & switch

Re my weight above: I suppose yesterday's eating is responsible. For lunch yesterday, I had a French dip and French fries--very healthy. For last night's dinner, I went out to Pita Jungle with friends and had hummus, pitas, a beef gyro, and a beer. I probably ate more than I should overall for the day, and I definitely didn't eat enough veggies. . . the only vegetables that crossed my lips all day were the lettuce, tomato, & onion on my gyro. LOL Ah well. Today is a new day. Already drinking lots of water and have resolved to have a salad for lunch.
It's still been too hot for outdoor exercise. Sebastian made me feel bad this morning; when I took him out to walk around the complex to do his business, he walked over to the gate through which we usually leave to go walk around the neighborhood and gave the gate a nudge with his nose. (That's what he usually does to any door he wants you to open for him.) So clearly he wanted to go for a long(er) walk, but it was already in the 90's and very sunny. Poor boy. In theory, I could get up at sunrise and walk him, but so far that hasn't been happening. . . . getting up early is hard for me, always has been.
Last night I did some browsing on and updated my profile. It is a little overwhelming the number of men who, at least on the computer at first blush, seem to be eligible candidates. I even narrowed my search by income, education level, and various physical criteria and still got hundreds of matches. That's all well and good, but for me, it'll really all come down to how I feel when I'm with the person. But there are certain baseline requirements I have, of course. In fairness, I will say: no more than I myself have to offer. ;)
I thought about buying the subscription and displaying my profile, but then realized that the photos on the profile are from four years and thirty pounds ago. I would never want to be accused of pulling a bait and switch, and out-of-date photos of yourself are just a bad idea if you're online dating. So I am going to get KC to take a few updated pictures of me on Saturday and will put those up. (As an aside, I will say that it's a shame because the pictures I have on my profile now were taken by a friend in Tucson who is a professional photographer. So even if I hadn't gained weight, I will certainly not look as good in these new photos as I do in the ones I already have. Ah well.)
Well, I guess all I can do is give the men who will view my profile a chance to see what I actually look like so that they can decide whether they'd want to meet me in person. The worst possible thing would be for me to meet someone face-to-face who was expecting someone other than what he saw. There is not much I can do in the short-term to change my looks. . . . which, in any event, I don't think are all that bad, despite my being overweight. I have good hair, a nice smile (thank you, orthodontia), and decent features. It'll be OK. :)
Besides, one nice thing about now being in my mid-30's: I don't get too hung up on "is he going to like me?" anymore. Now I'm more about "what do *I* think of *him*?" A much healthier approach, if you ask me.
Now that I've made the decision to actively pursue finding someone to date, I'm kind-of excited about it. Let the games begin!


Cindy said...

Hey S - thanks for the comment - you are my first commenter, i.e. took my virginity... lol. I do think we have a lot in common.

I too am looking to go back into the private sector for money and in fact had an interview yesterday with a big firm in Atlanta. I think it went well but it was just the "screening" interview so if I'm lucky I'll be in for anothr round soon.

As for, I love it. I did a lot of online dating 2 years ago after I got out of a long term relationship before I met my current boyfriend. I met a lot of guys - most of them were "eh", but some were very cool. I dated one for almost 2 months before it ended. I actually didn't meet my current boyfriend online, but I just got lucky meeting him through friends.

I wish you the best of luck! Dating can be stressful, but also lots of fun. I love my man, but I'm a bit jealous of all the excitment you're going to have now! :-)

Keep up posted on how it's going!