Friday, October 05, 2007

Roller coaster

Weight above: two days of no exercise and a heavy pasta dinner (including a second serving after 9:00) will make the scale go up. Maybe I was just carb-loading for tonight's date. LOL
Once again, I'm glad it's Friday. This week at work hasn't been too bad; I've had more work to do (though I'm still not billing as many hours as I'm supposed to be), and things seem to be picking up. I've watched the first two Diamondbacks v. Cubs games; the D-backs won both, so that's been exciting.
Yesterday I scheduled a pedicure over my lunch hour. . . . can't have sex for the first time with ungroomed feet. LOL Just as I was driving out of the parking lot to go, my phone rang and it was MM. He called to give me directions to his place and firm up our plans for tonight. He was strangely chatty and apologized for not calling me the night before, though he'd never said he would, nor was I expecting him to. Turns out he had to work; his surveillance officer is out for personal reasons for a few weeks, and he will be pulling double duty until he returns. He is going to have a busy three weeks coming up.
We only talked for 7-8 minutes. When I reached the salon and told him I had to get off the phone, he actually sounded a bit put out that I was getting off "so abruptly," as he put it. Mind you, at this point, we were only talking in a random way. . . . mostly about the naughty text messages I'd sent him yesterday morning. The dynamic of the conversation was a little unexpected, coming from someone who wants to "keep things casual." But it was great to hear from him. He really has a sexy voice. . . . I've thought that since our first phone conversation. ;-)
I am excited at the prospect of spending the evening with MM. Our date's almost 12 hours away, and I already have butterflies in my stomach. I'm hoping we'll have sex and that it'll be good, of course. . . . but just knowing that I will be with him, talking & joking, is enough to get me excited. Aye, aye, aye. I think I'm in trouble with this one. But I'm enjoying the ride.
I have decided that I am just going to keep conversation between us light & fun. I know I can be intense, and I sense MM has the same tendency. We have already had some pretty deep talks for two people who have only been out on three dates. I want tonight to just be breezy & relaxed & enjoyable. I'm sure if I make an effort to steer things that way, he will go along. Goodness knows, it'll be for the best.


JessiferSeabs said...

Well, I can't WAIT ot hear how this story ends... hope you are having fun right now!