Friday, October 26, 2007

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209.6 (yikes)
I can't really say much about the number on the scale this morning. I had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory last night and ate a lot, plus I finished my slice of Godiva chocolate cheesecake around 10:00. Given that, it's not surprising.
My friend KK's not-quite-16-year-old son is staying with me at the moment. The reasons why are somewhat complicated, but I'm not going to blog about them 'cause it's not really my business. He has been a relatively easy house guest--very respectful--and is supposed to fly home today. (He arrived on Wednesday night.) Sebastian has been very happy to have a visitor, of course.
Had dinner with MM on Wednesday evening. Our time together was short: only an hour. He had to work after we met up. Even though we didn't get to spend much time together, I enjoyed seeing him.
We also talked on the phone Tuesday and Thursday nights. Things are definitely getting more involved between us, despite the label we have put on our "arrangement." Last night he told me that he "cares about" me. (Not out of the blue, but in the context of our conversation: he was concerned about something I had going on in my life that he feared would be stressful or traumatic for me.) I've really missed him this week; this is the first week since we've been dating that I can truly say that. Sure, I've thought about him when we've been apart during the other weeks we've been seeing each other. . . but this week I've actually really desired his company. (I'm not being clear about explaining the difference.)
For example: on Tuesday night, an unexpected situation arose in my life. As I was pondering how to handle it, the first person I thought of discussing it with was MM. Normally, my default person would be one of my friends--usually KC or C--or my sister. The fact that MM immediately popped into my mind as someone with whom I could discuss a concern was a little surprising. . . . probably because we've not yet had that kind of relationship. I mean, no doubt MM is a smart guy with more than a little life experience at dealing with troubled or difficult people--given what he does for a living--but I still was a little surprised to find myself thinking of him first.
I text messaged him "are you busy?" and he immediately called me. I explained the situation, and he gave me some solid advice on things to consider and how to handle it. (As an aside: I ended up handling things differently than he suggested, but it was still good to hear his perspective.)
I can't really say I'm glad this situation came up, but I am a little bit glad in two ways: one, it showed me that I can rely on MM, and not just to be a fun date on the weekends; and two, his behavior in regard to this has clearly showed me that he cares about me (& he said so as well). Interesting stuff. . . . ;-)
Tomorrow night is my Halloween costume party. I need to go to the mall tomorrow and buy a lacy red push-up bra and some white fishnet stockings to complete my costume. MM is picking me up at the party after the ASU football game and really wants me to go back with him to his place and spend the night. When I pointed out to him that I planned to drink and would be unable to drive to his place, he said he'd just take me and bring me back on Sunday. May I point out that this translates into over a 50-mile round trip for him. He doesn't want to sleep at my place because of Sebastian and his allergies. I guess he really wants to spend the night with me. :)
Tonight I'll probably be dropping the kid off at the airport. Otherwise I just plan to chill. It's been a busy and odd week.