Sunday, October 28, 2007

Blog neglect

weight=? (haven't been on the scale since Friday)
I have not blogged all weekend. I suppose that is a good thing because it probably means I've been too occupied with other things.
My Halloween party last night was fun. I saw some people I hadn't seen for a while and met a few new ones, too. My costume was a hit--both with the other guests and with MM. I probably shouldn't have had the 5 beers I had, but whatever.
As usual after a night with MM, I am exhausted. I'm going to bed really soon.
I spent the night and all morning (until about 1:00 pm) with MM. We had a great time, as usual. Despite the label we have put on our arrangement, he is essentially my boyfriend in everything but name. I'm already looking forward to seeing him again. . . . which I will do on Wednesday or Thursday.
My dad & stepmom are coming into town on Friday evening. I am looking forward to seeing them. At the same time, I am a little sad because it means I won't get to spend time with MM this coming weekend! I know I am going to miss him. It'll be OK, though. ;-)
This week should prove to be a busy one at work. I plan to put in some longer hours. . . . as I'd planned to do last week before my friend's son came into town unexpectedly. It'll be good.
Planning to jog/walk in the morning. . . .


Anonymous said...

I think it is a great thing that you have lagged on the blogging! It does indeed mean that more is going on in your real life and that is always positive, right?