Sunday, October 21, 2007

Wasted days

206.8 (at 5:30 p.m.)
I accomplished absolutely nothing productive this weekend. Not one single thing.
Yesterday I opted to have a lazy day; I read, surfed the 'net, talked on the phone, watched TV, and just generally vegged and relaxed. I think taking a whole to day to relax once in a while is very important for my mental health, and I do it frequently. I did this with the thought in mind that today I would go in to my office for a few hours, then come home and do some household chores.
Instead of the Sunday I'd planned, I spent most of today recovering from a migraine. I came home from MM's around 9:30 this morning and felt OK. . . . exhausted due to about 4 hours of sleep, but otherwise OK. I went to sleep for about 3 hours and woke up with a migraine. Horrible pain and nausea & light sensitivity, too. I didn't feel back to normal and functional until just before 5:30. . . . at which time my dear friend D called me with a personal crisis. I am always there to listen for my friends (and offer advice when asked), and we were on the phone for over an hour. By the time I got off the phone, it was dark outside and there was no chance I was going to do anything. LOL
Well, that's life. I am hoping to start the week off tomorrow with a jog in the morning and an early arrival at my office. I am taking my first depositions on Tuesday, and I have quite a few projects on my plate, and I know my workload is going to be increasing. My desk is in quite a state of disarray at present, so I need to get that under control and formulate a plan for the week.
Sebastian has seemed a bit put out with me today. Of course, he did spend last night alone. . . and he has not had any exercise in a few days. I guess I can't blame him. Yet another reason for me to get back on track with my morning jogs.
I had dinner with J on Friday night, as I'd hoped. We went to a really cute gourmet pizzeria in a historic bungalow not far from my place. J came by my place before dinner (first time he'd been to my apartment, actually) and met Sebastian. It goes without saying that he loved him. ;-)
As always, J and I had great conversation. He probably got tired of hearing about MM, but he was tolerant and humored me. LOL And I didn't spend the entire time talking about MM; we talked about lots of stuff. Hanging out with J is fun.
Last night MM and I went out, as planned. MM actually showed up at my place a little after 5:30. . . at least a half hour earlier than he told me he'd arrive. I was in my pajamas and hadn't showered yet. LOL He is usually punctual and often early, so I should have realized that this could happen.
That was the first time he has seen me with absolutely no makeup, no contacts, and my hair a complete mess. He was very sweet about it, though: he told me I looked great. Awww. I know he was lying, but it was sweet nonetheless. He also thought it was silly of me to be weird about his seeing me "au naturel." His sentiment was "it had to happen some time." My reply to that was "yes, but not now." LOL
Once I got showered and dressed, we went to dinner at Buca di Beppo and had a really good meal. MM felt too tired to go dancing (he worked late on Friday and worked on Saturday, too), so we went to see The Heartbreak Kid instead. (It had its funny moments; overall I'd say it's worth seeing, but a rental.)
Had I known we would end up going to the movies instead of out dancing, my trip to the mall on Thursday would not have been necessary. Oh well. MM did tell me I looked pretty and that he liked my outfit; I like the stuff I bought, too, so I guess it was worth it in any event.
After the movie, we went back to stay at his place. MM really likes Sebastian, but he thought that being at my place for more than a couple of hours would really affect his allergies and make him miserable if he slept over there. I was happy to oblige him and go to his place; it's about a 25-minute drive with no/light traffic, but whatever. We got to his house around 1:00 and were up until probably almost 3:00 a.m. talking, etc.
Not sure when I'll see him again, but I imagine we will meet for dinner one night this week. And I know I'll be seeing him on Saturday night: I'm going to a Halloween costume party, and he is coming by afterwards to see me in my naughty nurse costume ( He is not going with me to the party because he already had tickets to the ASU v. Cal football game; it's a big game, and he obviously doesn't want to miss it.
As usual, we got along great and had lots of fun. We had no deep conversations last night, and he didn't make any new revelations. Just a nice, relaxing evening. Things between us are status quo, and that's good. :-)