Sunday, October 07, 2007

Exceeds expectations

I've felt disinclined to blog this weekend until now. Not sure why. I certainly have things I could write about, so it's not the usual lack of interesting things to tell. Maybe I'm just not driven by my usual obssessive feelings.
I went over to MM's on Friday night as planned, and the evening turned out pretty much as I thought it would. . . . except that we ended up eating dinner in instead of out and MM far exceeded my expectations in bed. ;-) All in all, it was one of the most satisfying nights I've had in a long, long time. I had actually forgotten what sex like that could be like. Wow.
Today is MM's 34th birthday. He told me Friday night that he expected a call from me today, and he got one. We had a nice 20-minute chat, then less than an hour later, we exchanged a few naughty text messages. LOL He had a relaxed day planned: usual weekend stuff, like errands & gym, followed by dinner with his parents.
Did I forget to mention that he'd also called me yesterday morning to thank me for the date on Friday? It was a brief call, but appreciated nonetheless. . . . particularly in light of the fact that he had things planned for literally the entire day and well into the evening.
As I thought I might, I am feeling much more clear-headed about MM now. I'm still happy with the way things are going, and I am enjoying what we have going to the full. It's a little odd for me to actually relax and let a man take the lead for a change. . . . but I'm enjoying it. ;-) However brief and casual our relationship may end up being, I have absolutely no regrets about my decision to sleep with him. In fact, knowing what I know. . . . I'll say that it would have been a damn shame if I hadn't. LOL
We are going to get together during the week again this week, either for a movie or to watch the D-Backs, depending on whether we see each other on Tuesday or Thursday. His work schedule this week will be a bit chaotic and less predictable than usual, so we didn't make firm plans yet. I'm fine with it. I know he wants to see me again, and I feel the same.
We haven't talked about weekend plans yet, but I am 99% sure we will be seeing each other on the weekend, too. This coming weekend will be my mom's last in town and KC is off, so I'm sure I will have plenty to do, with or without MM in the mix. But I have little doubt that he will want to be with me.
As for the rest of my weekend, I have spent quite a bit of time relaxing & spending time with Mom. Yesterday evening, she & I met J and his friend for a movie: No End in Sight. Deeply disturbing, but worth seeing. Last night I met my friend E and a few other people at a local Indian casino. I stayed 2 hours, lost $30 and called it a night. It was fun hanging out with E again, however briefly.
This morning Mom & I took Sebastian to the dog park. He had a good time. I ran into a former co-worker from Tucson there; it was good to see her.
The weather here has been absolutely gorgeous all weekend: sunny, high temps in the low 80's, with just a slight breeze. MM commented this morning that we should've gone hiking, and he was right; it was perfect weather for it. I hope we'll be having many more weekends like this now.
Another week starts tomorrow. It's nice not to dread going to work! I spent a lot of time last week reviewing employment records, and this week will likely be some more of that and who knows what else.


Anonymous said...

This post totally made me giggle and smile and all that good stuff. I am glad things are working the way you want them to, definitely!