Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Happy Birthday Sebastian!

Today is my boy's 6th birthday. Don't tell him, though, 'cause he thinks he's still just a little puppy. ;-)
Even though I was feeling lazy this morning, I forced myself to take him out for a 35-minute walk. He deserves that every day, but certainly on his birthday. He enjoyed himself.
Not sure what else I'll do for him today. Probably just give him some extra love. Of course, him being a dog and all, he doesn't actually know it's his birthday. LOL
Things have really picked up at work. Wow. I had a very full day yesterday, and today promises to be more of the same. I brought some work home with me, but only got about a third of it done because a friend called. Well, it's just more to do today.
MM called me yesterday a little after 5:30. I was still at the office, and so was he. (Mondays are his long days in the office when he sees all his people he supervises.) We just chatted for about 2 minutes, but it was great to hear his voice. We are going to have dinner together on Wednesday night.
I've been reading up on ways to reduce the dog dander in the home. I feel bad when MM comes over and gets all congested and sneezy; he must feel miserable. Tonight after work, I'm going to give Sebastian a thorough brushing out and a wipe down with a wet towel, then thoroughly vacuum the whole apartment and wash my sheets. Aside from bathing Sebastian (too soon) and getting a HEPA filter, there is not too much else I can do to minimize MM's symptoms. (Sebastian can't be bathed too frequently or I'd put him at risk for dry skin.) MM mentioned getting on allergy medication if we continue to hang out; for my part, I think that'd be a good idea. He wouldn't have to suffer so much to come over to my place then.
Aside from seeing MM tomorrow and my Halloween party on Saturday night, I have nothing else planned for this week. KC is working a lot, and I've seen most of my other friends fairly recently. Knowing things were going to get busier at work, I kind of didn't want to plan too many things.