Tuesday, October 09, 2007



My week is off to a good start. I've been reviewing records and reports for a case we are defending that just has horrible, horrible facts: suffice it to say that some of the sex crimes cases I prosecuted weren't as troubling. I have finally finished that review and drafted most of the memo summarizing the information we have. I should finish that today, and I'll be very glad to put it behind me.

MM called yesterday on his way home from work to set up a date for Thursday evening. (As predicted, he has to work this evening.) And we talked again later because I forgot to ask him something and had to call him back. I'm still likin' him! :) I wish I didn't have to wait until Thursday to see him again, but the anticipation will be good for me.

We are seeing each other on Saturday also. I have been charged with thinking of "something fun" for us to do in the afternoon. I'm thinking if the weather is good we might go for a hike; I've found a couple of trails within 20-30 minutes of his house that wouldn't be too arduous. My one hesitation about going hiking with MM is that he is clearly in way better shape than me. LOL Oh well. . . .

I'm having dinner with C tonight. It hasn't been long since I've seen her--I was just at her house for a dinner party the night after my first date with MM--but it'll be great to be one-on-one and talk in a way that we couldn't at her house that night.

Tomorrow night Mom & I are meeting KC for dinner, time and place to be decided. So it should be a pretty full week; the only day I have nothing planned is Friday.

I've had a couple of pieces of sad news recently. A friend recently got back biopsy results that are not good. Obviously this has little effect on me personally, but she is worried, and I am concerned for her. And an old and dear friend of mine, H, has decided to divorce her husband of seven-and-a-half years. Her reasons are sound; I can find no fault with them. It just makes me sad because I actually like him, and they have two small children (not-quite-3 yrs. and 13 mos. old).

H is my 5th friend to divorce in the past 12-18 mos. I remember that, in the 6 months before SL & I got engaged, 3 friends had filed for divorce; two more have done so since then. It's been crazy. Knowing about all these divorces somehow reinforces my decision to stand my ground with SL and ultimately end things with him. I know we could have added our divorce to the growing number if we'd gone through with our wedding.

I am particularly sad about H and her husband. They are two intelligent and educated people, and I know that they worked hard on their marriage. Up until the past several months, I always thought of them as one of the happier married couples I know. They were one of only a few couples who, when I looked at their marriage, I'd think: that wouldn't be a bad thing to be in. I attended their wedding. Ah well.

I harken back once more to a comment my mom made to me in my early 20's. At that age, many of my friends and acquaintances were getting married. My life was so far from moving in that direction! I once lamented in Mom's hearing "everybody else is going to be married before me." Her response was "Honey, before you're ready to get married, half these people will be divorced and back out on the market." I don't generally think of Mom as a prophet. . . . but in this one instance, she was on the mark.
Words of wisdom from the woman who also once told me, when I said I was afraid I'd never have a child of my own "Well, if you don't, you'll just find other things to do with your time." Way to show how motherhood is the most important job you've ever done, Mom. LOL My mom sure doesn't sugar-coat things for ya.