Monday, October 15, 2007

Neutral zone

206.8 (huh?!)
I am truly perplexed by my weight above. Allow me to outline my weekend eating; then it'll be clear why I'm surprised.
Friday night:
beef gyro, flatbread with hummus
nonfat caffe mocha & chocolate cinnamon bread from Starbucks
bratwurst & potato salad (Oktoberfest)
hot dog & nachos (hockey game)
breakfast sandwich w/sausage, egg, & cheese, fruit smoothie
nonfat caffe mocha
roasted corn, fry bread w/refried beans (state fair)
Not exactly healthful fare. The closest I got to eating vegetables were the corn and the jalapenos on my Saturday night nachos. LOL
I also didn't exercise this weekend. . . . unless you include at least 8 (yes, 8) sex acts and strolling around the fairgrounds as exercise. ;-)
So between my crappy eating and essentially no exercise, I am more than a little surprised to see the scale down this morning--and so significantly down! Maybe I am dehydrated.
I am actually craving some healthy food. I am going to hit the grocery store after work today and pick up a few things. Not only is all this eating out not particularly good for me, it's also getting expensive.
I got up and did my walk/jog this morning. Sebastian and I went outside, and it is just lovely this morning: a slight (very slight) nip in the air, sunny, cloudless. Not sure of our distance, but we were out for just under 40 minutes.
I feel fantastic this morning. I had a good workout, and I slept a ton. I was EXHAUSTED most of yesterday, so I went to bed before 8:00 last night. I slept almost straight through until 6:15. So I should be pretty well rested.
I'm already starting with the water. I'm going to drink extra today, just in case that lower weight on the scale IS due to the dehydration. . . .
I saw MM on Saturday. We had a fabulous time together! I arrived at his place just before 4:00 in the afternoon. Before 5:00, we had already had sex 3 times (in a few different positions & locations). . . . then we went to a Phoenix Coyotes hockey game. We got great seats: we were 3 rows behind the visitors' bench, so very close to the ice. We could actually read the players' lips when they were trash-talking to each other, so that was fun. At the end of the third period, a fight broke out right in front of us. Nice.
I had forgotten how much fun going to a hockey game is. Back in 2000, my boyfriend here in Phoenix had season tickets to the Coyotes, so I went to a lot of games then. The pace of the game is pretty fast, so it's exciting to watch, and they play a lot of music in the arena between plays. Good times.
Being with MM was easy and comfortable, as it generally has been. MM commented more than once after we got back to his place about what a great time he had with me at the game. I think going to the game showed him a little different side of me than he's seen before. All our previous dates have been very traditional, just dinner or dinner and a movie. I know from experience that not every woman makes a good date to a sporting event, and I know that I do. I actually like hockey, and I understand it. I watch the game, and I don't annoy my date by chatting during key plays or wanting to get up and walk around during the game. (Chalk this up to all those years of training by my father, who is a sports fanatic.) If I talk to my date, I primarily talk about the game.
The quality and pace of the sexual aspect of our relationship continues to amaze me. Honestly, I don't know if I'd break up with the guy even if I didn't like him, the sex is so great. All the better that I actually do like him and enjoy his company out of the bedroom, too. LOL
As we were lying in bed Saturday night, MM mentioned how happy he is with "our arrangement." He loves that I don't have any expectations of him and that he doesn't feel obliged to call me and check in daily. (May I add that, despite this fact, we do communicate either via text or phone almost every day.) He loves that I give him space and am flexible about our plans. . . . both when we get together and what we do on our dates. He said that things are "perfect for now" and thanked me for letting him be "independent." He also mentioned again how the thought of being with anyone else is the furthest thing from his mind; in fact, he said that even when he sees hot women at the gym, he has no more than a fleeting interest in checking them out. He joked that he wouldn't have the energy for anyone else anyway, because he needs almost a full week of recovery after a night with me. LOL
I have never been in a relationship like this one with MM. At the ripe old age of 36 (LOL), I've realized that every time I've dated someone, I've been very goal-oriented. My goal has been to find out if a man is husband material. If he's not, I get rid of him; if he is, I want to "move things forward."
For the first time with MM, I am not feeling this. And it's really nice. It feels a little odd at times, because it's unfamiliar. . . but it's good. It's the kind of odd feeling you get when you push yourself to do something outside your comfort zone.
Not that I don't obsess over MM or think about a possible future with him. . . . I'd hardly be the S my friends & family know and love if I stopped obsessing. LOL It's just that my only goal is to enjoy MM and the relationship. I don't know if I will be satisfied with our "arrangement" three months from now, but I certainly am right now.
Not sure when I'll see him again, but I know I will and I know it will be soon. He continues to do double duty at work--he was out working yesterday afternoon while I was at the fair with KC--so it's uncertain when he'll be available. He mentioned that he would like to see me during the week again this week, as well as on the weekend, if he's able. And I'm good with that.
Mom is leaving on Wednesday morning. It has been good having her here. In a way, it will also be good to have my place to myself again.
I've made no definite plans for this week as yet. My friend M from Tucson is in town for some training, and we will likely go to dinner one night this week, but I'm not sure which. Otherwise, I'm pretty wide open. I'd like to see J this weekend; he and I haven't hung out alone together since the week before I started seeing MM. Unless he has a really brutal exam next Monday, I'm sure that can be arranged.


JessiferSeabs said...

I'm sorry, did you say 8? As in, "Eight?"

Sister, that is not fair. Some of us are starving. ;-)